Wednesday, April 30, 2008

DC & B'More

Phew. I finally got the obligatory "trip to our nation's capital to see all the sight's every true American should witness at least once in a lifetime" over and done. Now, next time I visit, I can relaxedly visit anything I want to, or not visit anything at all, and feel ok about it. Thus avoiding the swollen and blistered feet, sore, aching legs and back, and sun-burnt face. I have to add, Matt and I were in DC on probably the most beautiful weekend of the year. All the trees, and bushes, and plants were luscious, blooming, bright and thrilling. (I almost felt like Sister Mary Lavin, our cute little, slightly nutty - in a good way - high school art teacher, who would get insanely excited over witnessing "blue leaves".) We stayed with our good friends Maureen & Sean, thank goodness. Knowing Matt and I, without them, we probably would have made it to the White house, and that's it. We also stayed with Jinji one night in Baltimore, where we patroned the breakfast establishment frequented by her & Michael Phelps.
In the above photo, I stopped to pose outside the Capitol building during my trek between the House and Senate sides of The Hill. The reason for this whole trip was to lobby for my profession (DO's) and my future patients on health care issues.
The White House.
You would not believe how crazy and pushy people get when it comes to observing the Consititution, Bill of Rights & Declaration of Independence.
PS - We just missed Rob Lowe while touring the Archives Museum.
A lovely, flowering vine-type bush outside the Smithsonian Gallery of Art that beckoned to be the backdrop of our portrait.

I am pretty sure Jinji lives on Sesame Street!

(Isn't the only thing missing Oscar's tin trash can?)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

How could I forget to mention St. Patrick's Day!? My last name is O'Laughlin for goodness sake. The rainy day began at 6am for some, 8am for us, at the Lillig's with Jameson shots on the 1/2 hour, every 1/2 hour. Then progressed to Californos (the place Matt and I had our reception) where the boys are pictured with Irish Car Bombs. Then we ended up at the O'Laughlin's for Rueben's one could die for...mmmm. Oh, and I went to a couple classes in between.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Not Possible

I had the strangest dream. In it, I found out that me and all my siblings had a different father. And I kept thinking, it could be true, none of us look alike. And which one of us is Eddie's kid? I decided it was either me or Brennan. Then I got on this blog and looked at the close up photo of me, Leah and Brennan from a few months ago...silly dream.