Saturday, September 24, 2011

Does 60 sound old?

Remember when you were a kid? When someone was 60, they were OLD. I mean, your parents were still in their 30's, maybe hitting 40. Now, someone is their sixties, is now my own parent. Next year, when I turn 30, I will be exactly half the age of my father. I am catching up!

Seriously though, Eddie has provided me 30 years of love, support and education. He taught this city girl how to manage at the farm. How to fish. How to ride a 4 wheeler. How to light a firecracker. How to rake the leaves. How to do yard work without a shirt on, and drinking a beer...wait, nix the without a shirt part (for me anyway.) How to fry an egg in bacon grease. How to grow tomatoes. And how to laugh.

If their is one thing my dad does well, it's laugh. He manages to see the bright side of life, and nearly every situation (even when I don't think there actually is a bright-side, hmmm, maybe he's a bit looney.) I know I may come across as a pessimist (or realist as I like to call it), but I think I got his trait of always being in a good mood.

So, to celebrate his 60 years of a life, full of life. We had a little cook out in my backyard. With some tabouli, buffalo chicken dip and oatmeal scotchies, 3 of his favorite foods, that just so happened to be 3 of MY favorite foods.

HAPPY 60th ED JR!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Taking a Hit.

I really, really didn't think my blogging would suffer from the ridiculous number of hours I work. It is such a compulsion for me. In fact, I thought my material would double. But due to HIPPA, and my lack of social life, the only thing left to talk about is my family. And even them I don't see enough to really come up with a great story. I don't have time for random thoughts or opinions. I don't have time for weddings, showers, birthdays, barbecues or other such frivolities. I have never been to bed before 10pm more in my entire life, than I have in the past 6 weeks.

Don't get me wrong. I manage to squeeze an outing in here and there. I even managed to host my father's 60th birthday. (Which, I really can't actually claim anything but supplying the house. My sisters made ALL the food, besides the buffalo chicken dip, and Matt ended up making that. And the cleaning lady did all the housework. And Brock picked out the balloons. I did pick up and organize a few items, as well as arrange some flowers. Geez, give me some credit.)

I have also managed to observe a few developing behaviors in my little ones. Curtis, for example, is crawling as if he's done it his entire life. Which, starting at 4 months, I guess he nearly has. And he can cruise, and when mad, stand without holding on to anything for a good 5-10 seconds. He just has NO interest in actually walking. Oh well. If he's in no hurry, I'm in no hurry. Also, I truly believe Curtis lives by the principle: if I see you eat, I will eat it. Taste does not matter. In fact, if I see the dog eat it, I will eat it.
I think Brock might be conversing better than Matt or I...I mean, we were on a walk and he waved to the person passing, said "hi", then asked, "what's your dog's name?" and when the person answered, he responded, "oh, how cute." All of which was clear as a bell and in perfect grammar. If there is one thing I can say for sure about the development of that child, he has no speech problems. Near flawless pronunciation. Now, as for his behavior and overall personality, there may be some issues. Let's just say, no one is going to describe him as "gentle" or "laid back".
And the little, little Little. Well, it just keeps on growing. When I first posted the floating baby ticker, it said I had 240 days to go. Now I have 156. Really? I thought I just found out I was pregnant last week. Have I even paid any of my bills? Cleaning lady, nanny, now I need a personal assistant. And, I think that about does it for my flight of ideas.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Cleaning Lady

Sometimes, you do things. Then you wonder afterwards, now, what was all the hype about? That was a waste of time.

Other times you do things. And wonder, why the hell did nobody insist I try this sooner? I have been missing out!

Having a cleaning lady is the latter of the two. Amazing. Unless both Matt and I are out of work at the same time, we will pay someone to clean our house from here on out.

I want it to be known, that I have periodically begged for, and suggested, and pointed out why we need, a cleaning lady since the day I started medical school. (So, pretty much, since the day I became a home-owner.)

You see, my standard of cleanliness just cannot be met by two full time employed adults. It definitely cannot be met with 2 working adults, 2 kids, 2 dogs, a cat and a fish all living in the same house. While it was just Matt, me and the pets, it was at least manageable and nearly met my standards after a good, solid weekend of cleaning. But now? Now we are lucky if we can get 3 of the 13 rooms done in a weekend.

Not anymore! I came home. On a Thursday night. A night where the dirty, cluttered, everything out of place-ness is nearing it's Friday night climax. To a clean house. Not a picked up house. A clean house. I am fairly certain our stove top wasn't even that clean the day we moved in. The glass that encases shower, that both Matt and I took turns scrubbing until we were sore, yet still had watery, soap scum marks...looked as if no water had ever touched it. The inside of the fridge was spotless. The microwave, wait, microwaves can work without grease covering all the inside surfaces?
I can feel huge weight has been lifted. One of my seemingly, lifelong stressors has simply melted away. No more panic as to when I can schedule in some time to clean a room or two. All of this peace of mind, lack of embarassment if someone were to unexpectedly pop by, and freed time for $15 an hour.

Round #3.

Well, this 3rd time around, the shorts barely, barely fit at 15 weeks. In fact, I am still wearing them and contemplating switching to maternity shorts. I don't think any of this is due to baby being larger, it is more likely because I started out 10lbs heavier as well as in worse physical shape than the previous 2 pregnancies, and didn't lose a single pound once first trimester concluded (didn't gain one either.) I really think it is physically impossible to fully rebound from a pregnancy by 7 months. I feel fine and dandy now, but I am fearing for my back as I grow.

I have been so busy, working 10 days straight, my shortest day being 12 hours, I have hardly had the chance to think about #3. In fact, I think February is going to come WAY WAY faster than I am prepared for, and BAM! We will have a 3rd little O ruling the roost. Perhaps this busyness has contributed to how different this pregnancy has been. I was not as sick. I am not as emotionally labile (probably because I am not as miserable.) I do not think about the fact that I am pregnant 24/7. Sometimes, it will just strike me, "oh yeah, I am carrying another little bundle!" With each pregnancy, I feel more and more like an incubator and less like an amazing miracle creator. But don't get me wrong, the excitement of a new baby, person, human, member of the family never, ever diminishes. Just the process to get there seems more routine with each subsequent gestation.

According to the Chinese Gender Calender, this one is a girl. It's been 100% right for me so far...But as per usual, I have no gut feeling one way or the other. Yet. Either way, I get to look forward to some big purchase shopping. Bunk beds for the boys. And a minivan (BOO!) for the family. With 3 kids in carseats, unfortunately, there really is no other option that is as convenient. But I WILL NOT EVER refer to myself as a "soccer mom", so you better not either. If you insist on giving me a label, I prefer Doctor.