Thursday, February 21, 2008


After being let outside, right before bed, Tali came back in the house bringing with her a trail of blood. She ripped off her entire toenail. A fact she was blissfully unaware of (probably because of the 6 degree weather) until I started messing with it. After I covered it in gauze and electrical tape (lay off, its all we had) all she did was sit and stare at it - meanwhile, Matt and I couldn't quit laughing. Sympathy is not a strong suit for either of us. Maybe we shouldn't ever have children...

PS - She is currently at the vet, and the grand total will be $150 to take care of her severed blood vessel.

One Year Went too Fast

For our first wedding anniversary, Matt and I went to the new restaurant: Michael Smith. Mmmm, that s*#t was good! We got "Braised Rabbit" for an appetizer - who would have thought I'd ever eat rabbit...not me. Had champaigne, grouper, 8 hour pork roast, 7-layer chocolate cake and a butterscotch tiramisu. To die for, all of it.
Oh, and don't worry, although Brennan destroyed the top tier of our wedding cake because he insisted on carrying it from the reception, despite being completely inebriated, we got a replacement. And it, too, was wonderful.