Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The band, Rademacher, crashed at my house last night! Today, this may not seem like anything that impressive or exciting, but one day, all will be jealous. Leah and I met them at the Record Bar, where we finally got to hear them play live (last time they visited it was only to pass thru.) Greer McGettrick, former IU swimmer, may be the biggest talent with her wide range of instrumental capabilities, bass, playschool xylophone and....(whatever is pictured?)
I enjoyed their show very much, and will contemplate becoming a roady on their next tour. Here's a great example of their work:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter at the Ozarks

After finishing up my finals week, which marked the close of the GastroIntestinal section (aka "poop") of med school, Matt and I made our way to the Lake of the Ozarks to join his family on a little weekend trip. It was a fun-filled weekend of games: Bowling, Sequence, Catch Phrase, Scatagories, Poker, Gin, Spades, etc. (some of which are on my "banned" list of games due to their competitive nature, so I did not participate in all). As you can see, we went horseback-riding, and though I was the caboose I was riding "Commando". Which was such a coincidence because...well, nevermind.

Matt then put on the Easter Egg hunt, which lasted about an hour too long, but there were some high-stakes prizes on the line.
Then we all got tatoos, I've never gotten one, but thought if I'm going to go, I'll go all out, so, a sleeve it was! I love dragons.

Friday, March 7, 2008

A Folly Good Time

This event is referred to as "Med school Prom" by some, and Follies by most. It consists of dinner, creative videos and a magic act put on by the "voted best in Pitch" magician. It also seems to be the perfect opportunity to get a 2nd use out of your wedding gown. Yes, someone really did that. If you are curious to see the winning video, you can find it here:

Quick Family Updates:

Brennan turned 21. I don't think he quite made it to 21 shots/drinks-and he calls himself an Irishman. Lightweight. Really, it was a good time, and now just one more to go. Smith Vegas Vacation 2010!!? (Doing a "Landmine" shot in this photo, 3 waters, 1 tequila, 1 vodka, 1 rum.)
February 18th
Leah graduated from Kansas State in December. Yay! It might be safe to assume she is the last one to graduate from college...the boys may be hopeless. (Here we are at 75th Street Brewery for her graduation part-ay.)
Xander is 2, and apparently thinks you are supposed to eat the flame.
February 16th