Saturday, January 28, 2012

The 'Nesting" List

For a 3rd baby, there really isn't much you need - material wise. I have all the baby supplies, clothes, car seats, strollers, toys, etc that a mother could possibly need. (Though, 2 little boys dirty up washcloths pretty darn quick...I ain't touchin' my precious new baby's butt with those tainted things! And diapers are always useful, will I ever stop buying diapers!?) What I really need, is a big burst of energy, and some major cleaning and organization.

  1. Laundry - I have a big collection of boys clothes that are too small which need to be put away in storage. And newborn clothes to wash and get out of storage. And a place to put the newborn's clothing.
  2. The nursery needs a deep, deep clean.
  3. Toys need to be organized.
  4. My bedroom needs to be reorganized so clear a spot for the baby's bed (hopefully Baby O #3 takes after it's big bro's and does not need to stay in o ur room long, because it will wake up one time or less by 4 weeks.)
  5. And if the above circumstance does happen, then Brock's room needs to be reorganized (perhaps a borrowed crib from a friend set up) for Curtis join.
  6. And because of all this "reorganization" which is really another way to say, go through all my s*@t and get rid of some of it, so there is space for another human, we need to cut a shelf for the downstairs closet. Maybe add some hooks to it as well. And buy a couple storage baskets.
  7. Then, all this stuff that I am shuffling around and adding to storage means that the storage area of the house requires some rearranging and attention.
  8. And we pulled up all the we need area rugs.
  9. Did I mention laundry?
  10. And a name for the kiddo might be nice.

I think that about covers it. Phew. Now that it's written down, at least there is evidence that I thought about actually preparing for this child. Just don't judge if none of it gets accomplished.

Oh, and *hint hint, nudge nudge* dinners as a new baby gift are always welcome! I cannot tell you how much that helped us when Curtis was born!!


The Nesting List- Modified!!

  1. You can mark numbers 1, 5, 6, 7 & 8 off the list.
  2. And add: we need baby wash clothes. baby diapers. a Navy blue crib sheet. a dangle toy for the new baby's carrier. Nuk pacifiers (for newborn and for Curtis)
  3. I would like a new pair of house slippers for my month as stay at home mom with 3 kids - doubt I am leaving the house.
  4. And more laundry.
And I am sure there is more, but that is about as productive as my brain gets these days...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Steel Trap.

One could describe Brock's mind as a steel trap. Seriously, once something gets in, it doesn't get out. I wish I would have known this before I told him that his teeth would turn black and fall out if he didn't brush them. Now, he WILL NOT go to bed without brushing his teeth (not that I would want him to, but if he falls asleep and we carry him to bed, he will wake up in the middle of the night and freak out that he "got forgot to brush his teeth!"). He even likes to floss. And apparently, as I just found out, he brushes his teeth frequently when visiting his Mimi and Papa. Also, he will periodically look at me, point to his teeth and ask me what color they are...just to double check that they are still white. I know this can also be described as stubbornness or anal retention, but it all stems from an incredible memory.
One night, I finally convinced my little, elephant minded child to let me read him the book, Bluberries for Sal. I got through about 3 pages before he grabbed it, and exclaimed, "We picked blueberries!" Which we had, as you might recall from last June! Over 6 months ago...I mean, that's a sixth of his lifetime. And not only did he remember the event, but he remembered every person who came along with us, 7 people. I don't think I remember much from 5 years ago, I know I got married and was in med school, that's about it. And, while we are on the book topic, if he likes a book, he pretty much memorizes it after just a few reads. We have a recording on Matt's iPhone of him reciting most of Are You My Mother before he was even 2.5 years old. His little voice is adorable, he sounds much more like a baby, rather than the little boy he is these days.

But not only does he have simple, rote memorization skills. He can incorporate these memories and use them to his advantage. Such as, last weekend, when our good friends' Gabe and Christin were over for dinner and games. Brock asked his father if he could play with his phone. Matt said, "no". Brock then turned and looked at Gabe's phone, which is identical, and asked Gabe if he could play games with his phone. Gabe said, "no, I don't have any games". Wrong move. You could immediately see the wheels spinning. Did I mention that Brock might be the world's biggest skeptic? You could tell he did not believe for a minute that an iPhone had no games. So, he sauntered off, pretending not to care that Gabe had rejected his request.

He returns moments later to inform Gabe, "You have a nice phone, I really like your phone." To which Gabe replied with a thank you. Brock then gets a little closer and says, "Does your phone have speakers?" And Gabe says, why yes. "Well, can I see them?" - HA! Are you kidding me, we were all just watching in astonishment. Brock was trying to come up with a clever way to get Gabe to hand over his phone. Gabe just pointed them out. Brock realized his plan hadn't worked and just came out with his trump card: "can I play the Balloon game?" Just as a little background, Gabe had shown Brock this game months ago. Caught in a lie. Personally, I would have accepted defeat, and handed the phone over to the kid, but Gabe said, "No, you forgot to say, please." Ugh. Darn those manners. Extremely intelligent people aren't known for their manners anyway...

...and let me add. It's a good thing Brock has fairly bright parents, because we have to constantly come up with new ways to convince that kid to do anything. Anyday he is going to start out-smarting us at every corner. I mean, he even reads the newspaper while out for a stroll. I can only hope he will use his powers for good, someday.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Attempted Escape?

This baby is determined to be nothing like their older brothers. I got to experience a trip to triage for the first time ever in a pregnancy! I am 35 weeks today, and to celebrate, I decided to have my usual breakfast, a Nutrigrain bar, and some coffee. Sometimes I will eat more, but this particular morning was spent trying to force feed Brock his steroids, and get everyone out of the house to get to clinic on time. I get to clinic, and it is INSANE! Of course, all the patients show up, none of them are simple, and I am running around all morning. All of this, after a long night of coughing, indigestion and getting up a few times with Brock who has croup.

So, I forget to eat a midmorning snack, or have a glass of water. I don't even have time to pee. By 11am, I finally say screw it, I am using the pregnancy card. I am ditching clinic for a moment to grab a drink and use the restroom. Well, after I do this, my crazy morning hits me, and I start feeling some pretty intense lower abdomen and back pain, as well as light-headed. I have the nurse take me blood pressure, and it's 90/60, which was normal - when I was working out 6 days a week! Nowadays it's right around 115/75. And though the pain is constant and sharp, not contraction like at all, I decide it's best not to take any chances.

Well, the nurses and doctor I was working with, REFUSE to let me walk to OB triage. They make me sit in a wheelchair, and ride through my own hospital! I don't get embarrassed easily, but I kind of was......anyway, long story short, I sat hooked up to a fetal heart monitor for a solid 2 hours. I was contracting every 3-4 minutes for a good portion of that time, and guzzled no less than 2 liters of water. I got lectured to drink more by everyone of my fellow residents, nurses, and doctors, and was sent home to "relax". Which I did. And it was hard. Relaxing is not my forte.

Other than that, just the usual discomforts to report. The worst of all of it is sleep. It's just not comfortable anymore. I was honestly feeling great until, BAM, 32 weeks. Every other night, I am in the recliner to sleep. The restless legs are just stupid. I cannot bend over to pick up anything, so our house is just constantly littered with toys and shoes. I can't hold Curtis for more than about 90 seconds. I try to avoid picking up Brock at all costs. I don't think Curtis even likes my lap anymore because of the belly.

And, though, I really have no room to speak, seeing as a friend of mine just delivered a set of 7 pound twins, I am carrying what is the size of a term baby for most people, at 35 weeks. Basically, you could say, I get to carry a term baby for 5-6 weeks, instead of just a couple. Estimated at 6lbs 15oz at 34 weeks 5 days. Now, these can be up to a pound off, so yes, it could be 5lbs 15ozs (still term for a lot of people) or 7lbs 15ozs (term for the majority of people). Curtis was estimated at 6lbs 4ozs at the same time, and Brock 6lbs I guess this one is only 1/2 pound ahead. Which means, if we make it to our due date, 10 pounds is a likelihood!! Gross. I am sorry, but I really don't want to say I had a 10 pound baby. I really, really, really, want another one in the 8 pound vicinity.

Lastly, with just over a month to go, we have really ignored this baby. Maybe that's why #3 felt the need to give me a little wake up call. We have not even discussed names, not once. Not at all. I kind of refuse to think about boys' names. I haven't even begun looking for or gathering all my newborn stuff out of storage. I just hope 3 carseats will fit in the 4Runner, because I can't settle on a minivan just yet. I am such a snob. At least, I have somewhat been "nesting" (according to the in-laws), as we pulled up all the carpet on the main level to expose the nice hardwoods. Not sure how that helps the baby...

...nevertheless, I cannot wait for Baby O #3 to arrive! When I was sitting in that hospital bed, contracting, a teeny, weeny part of me, was a little excited at the idea of meeting the baby so soon. Though, I would really rather he/she joins us with fully developed lungs and vital organs. But 38 weeks would be great...February 9th sounds nice, right?

Friday, January 13, 2012


I spent the last month in a 7 floor hospital where home base was located on "Ground" and most of my patients were located on the 5th floor. And, I was 30-34 weeks pregnant, so you can guess how much stair climbing I did...

...therefore, I got to use the elevators. A lot. And it got really irritating. I found it really hard not to glare at the people who got on the elevator for 1 floor (unless they were hauling something.) Them doing this made the elevator stop not only once, but TWO TIMES before I got to my floor. Just for one person. Sometimes, I am willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, because I have been guilty of taking the elevator for one floor when I am in a new building and I don't know the location of the stairs, but these were the employee elevators. You had to have a badge to even access them. Therefore, these people know where the stairs are located. I would like to add, that during my entire month there, I NEVER once took the elevator for one floor.

Really, the one floor thing should have been what annoyed me most, but it's not. What really got my goat, were the people who would enter a packed elevator, on the GROUND floor, therefore, everyone is getting off as there is nowhere else to go, before a single person exited the hot, stuffy, crowded box. Really? I mean really? It just makes no sense. None whatsoever. I just don't think it can even be blamed on surrounding unawareness. I think to myself, this must be the most self-absorbed, rude, couldn't give 2 craps about anyone kind of person ever. They just made the unloading process difficult and awkward for EVERYBODY. And this happened, not on a daily basis, but probably every other time I exited those elevators. Yes, there are that many people that do this. Again, I am not saying I have never over-eagerly stepped toward an elevator to load as soon as it opened, but when I then look up to see 8 people leaving, I step back and let them unload. I don't just shove my way onto the the thing. I don't get it, I just don't get it. The one floor trip takers are easily explained. LAZY. These people? There is no category for them.

Lastly, being pregnant, I am double in size, always hot, and extra sensitive to smells. Add all that to my already existent propensity toward anxiety in crowded places and you won't blame me for getting a little annoyed when the already at capacity elevator opens and everyone says, come on in there is room for one more. There is not room for one more. They can wait. There are 2 other elevators that are most likely close by. And if they get on, then someone will have to be touching me. And I am too far to the back to just get off and wait for the next elevator or just take the stairs for the rest of my trip.

So, in conclusion, I am really happy I work in a 3 floor hospital, where I really only use 2 of the floors, therefore, rarely needing an elevator. If I had to do that for 3 years, I most surely would lose at least 10 of sanity later in life. It also, reinforces to me why I love living in Kansas City. There are so few situations where I have to deal with elevators, or buses, or crowds of any sort. I guess I am not cut out for big city livin'. I like my space, personal and otherwise.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

my friend Curtis

Oh za Cuck. 14 months old and still preferring to crawl. I decided back when Brock was this age (well, more like 9/10 months) that the criteria for officially "walking" was more often vertical than horizontal...and Curtis is currently at about the 50/50 mark. He CAN walk. He just doesn't. Very often, anyway. It kind of stresses me out, as I am an over-achieving, first at everything kind of person (in fact, I was playing a new board game with Brock this evening, and I won! Haha!) that he is FOURTEEN MONTHS and hardly walking. Brock was running by this point. And I mean running. I am pretty sure he would just take off down the block, laughing, thinking it was hilarious to sprint away from his parents as they unload the groceries from the car.

But, it is this laid back, I couldn't care less if I crawled until I am 14 YEARS old kind of attitude that we (by we, I mean everyone) love about Curtis. I really just don't want to have to carry 2 babies to and from the car. This is yet another reason why I think 2 year spacing between kiddos is perfect. This whole 16 month difference thing, well, let's just say, I would never plan it this way. But, I am doing my best to let Curtis be Curtis.
Appropriately, his first real, distinctively, properly used word was an emphatic "Hi!" So, now, instead of just a huge grin, which is greeting enough in my opinion, you get a loud "hi" as well. You also might catch him saying ball, dog, kitty, bye bye, and of course Mama and Dada. I am fairly certain he has said Mimi and MaGra. Oh, and how can I forget "thank you". Whenever he hands me something, he says "thank you"... sometimes he says it when you hand him a food item, so he's getting the hang of it. And speaking of food items, he will specifically ask for a "cracker". Frankly, I am surprised he doesn't know more foods by name as eating is his one true passion. And he imitates every single obnoxious noise that comes out of his older brother's mouth. He also whistles.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Generally, I am always of the mindset that the past year was the best of my life, and that the next will be even better. Life just always seems to be advancing in a positive direction. This past year is the first time in my 29 years of life, that I am not so sure I feel that way. There might be a chance that 2010 surpasses 2011 in the enjoyment department. No doubt, this has been the most life-changing, volatile, year to date. Koyaanisqatsi, means "life out of balance" in the Hopi language. For me, it means 2011.

Back at the very end of 2010, when I found out that I had failed Step 2 of boards, I said to Matt, "Crap, this is not good, our Karma has flipped. I am not going to match for residency." A statement for which he just rolled his eyes and got mad at me for even saying. But I could just feel it. I could sense a negative energy, this lingering sick feeling in the pit of my stomach, which is something I have never experienced. Perhaps I just lost a bit of naivety, either way, it wasn't good. Then, in February, right before the match, Matt was laid off. I wasn't going to say I told you so at that point, but I thought it. Then I didn't match. So, I said, "I told you so." Then our perfectly healthy, wonderful boxer, Tali, suddenly died. Matt had no job for 5 months. We had no income for 5 months.

Two, slight positives arose from this 5 month hiatus. Matt was able to amp up his photography business and skills. And he/we got to have our boys home from daycare! Lots more family time. I am very grateful to have had all that time with all of my boys home. And, despite not matching in OB/Gyn, I did scramble into a Family Medicine program in Kansas City, full of great people.

I can't forget the greatest gift of 2011, Baby O #3...though, I was mainly sick and uncomfortable, and extra tired because of this gift. It will give us true happiness in 2012, when baby arrives. So, does it count on the good end of 2011? I am not so sure. But, let me just say, thank goodness for the month of June! After coming home from Vegas (where we won money), Matt got a job! And I found out we were pregnant with #3.

Then July. The start of residency. While pregnant. With 2 kids, 2 dogs, and a financial mess to sort out for the rest of the year. These past 6 months have taken a lot of planning, energy, time, money, stress, and love to get through. But we got through them. Really, no worse for the wear. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger? 2011 has made us O's into solid iron then.

I just can't say enough about my wonderful family. Starting with my husband. Despite the strain on our life, there really was no strain on our marriage. We deal with things as a unit. We don't blame one another for anything. We just work together and figure things out as we go. But I can't say we could do it so easily and well without the rest of that big family unit. My parents, his parents, our siblings; someone is always happily available. Just a phone call away. They give us random nights to go to dinner together. They help us with dinner, laundry, carpooling, entertainment. They reassure us that we can get through anything. We relied on family a lot this year.Now, I can safely say, everything feels back in balance. I slept for nearly 8 hours last night. Matt is installing an above the range microwave, as we speak. (Which is something I have wanted since moving into this house-more counter space!). My best friend had a healthy baby last night! I have 53 days for before we welcome addition #3. I have only 9 days left of my last REALLY hard rotation before baby joins us. Matt is getting a promotion. We are financially stable again (until we start paying daycare for 3 kiddos, gross). We have a cleaning lady. We are in the market for a new car. And a nanny. We can again start getting excited about future plans. House renovations, vacations, babies, fun. We can just enjoy one another's company and feel secure that it is all going to be alright. 2012, I have no doubt, will be the best year yet. Karma has again chosen our side.

The 2012 List

Babies: Congrats to...
  • Maureen and Sean on Catherine Leah Gratton, 5lbs 9oz on 12/31/11.
  • Coleen and Austin on Chase Davis, 6lbs 13oz on 12/31/11.
  • Tina and Joe on Isaac Richard Soltys, 7lbs 8oz on 1/14/12.
  • Whitney and Robby on Hadley Jane Arthur, 8lbs 4oz on 1/15/12.
  • Maggie and Adam on Graham and Drew Kastl, 7lbs 4oz & 7lbs 1oz on 1/16/12.
  • Mitch and Shannon on Audrey Fahl Bartley, 6lbs 6ozs on 1/23/12.
  • Danielle and Zach on James David Rider, 7lbs 7ozs on 1/31/12.
  • Katie and Ian on Lochlan Edward Gillihan, 7lbs 2ozs on 2/9/12.
  • Liz and Richard on Austin Bryant, 6lbs 8ozs on 2/13/12.
  • George Edward O'Laughlin, 10lbs 7ozs on 2/17/12.
  • Tina and Jesper on Sebastian Skov Gretlund, 10lbs 3ozs on 2/19/12.
  • Lauren and Justin expecting #2, Baby girl Frye in March.
  • Pete and Maggie expecting #2, Baby girl Scaletty in April.
  • Catherine and Jason expecting Baby Pettus #2 in May.
  • Gia and Matt on Matthew Lee on May 21st.
  • Jade and John on John Milton Planchon III in June.
  • Katie and Malik on Matilda Marie Idbeis, 7lbs 11ozs 7/23/12.
  • Briana and Joe expecting Baby Burrichter in July.
  • Ashley and Brian expecting Baby Ascencio #2 on August 6th (my birthday!!).
  • Sarah and Matt on Baby Angelo due in August.
  • Jerod and Julie on Baby Eller #3 due in September.
  • Courtney and Patrick on #2, baby boy Vogtner in September.
  • Beth and Chris on baby Ingram #2.
  • Leslie and Andrew on baby girl Marshall in November.
  • Gabe and Christin in March 2013.
  • Pat and Kathleen in February 2013
  • Sara and Timothy {Van Dyke}, March 3rd.
  • Kaitlin and John {McCormick}, June 29th.
  • Christine and Nick {Kanatzar}, September.
  • Thomas and Claire {O'Laughlin}, October 13th.
  • Leah and Neal {Krieger}, November 24th.