Thursday, July 28, 2011

10 Week Update.

So, It has been over 6 weeks since the biggest, best, little surprise of my (our) life was discovered. And more than ever, I am beginning to believe that I have some sort of guardian angel, white cloud, whatever you want to call it, assisting me at all times. This pregnancy has been significantly less hard on me than the previous two. I have been extremely nervous to admit this, because I am sure it will make all these now minimally awful symptoms explode and quadruple in severity. I still have pretty much every symptom in the book, and the exhaustion is near the level of Brock and Curtis, but I can actually function at work all day! It is glorious.

This fact, combined with the impromptu nature of the conception, and that the baby is due in a different time of year, most definitely means it's a girl. Right? RIGHT!?
Oh, and one huge difference, is that I began this pregnancy way out of shape. As well as up a few pounds from my baseline. I can tell. I already feel my pelvis "relaxing" which is the only way I can describe it. Being that the baby is only the size of a kumquat and my uterus only a grapefruit, it is not pressure per say. But it is something, and it's something I didn't experience until more like 20-24 weeks with the others. I am already contemplating getting some kind of support device for my back and belly. I never wore anything with the other two. And I already want to live in maternity clothes (thanks mostly to the bloating, but also to the extra pounds, and lack of first trimester weight loss.) Leave it to a girl to allow me to eat, therefore making me extra fat. Should I thank or curse her in the future?

Matt is pretty darn set that it is a boy. And Brock has said something about a sister EVERY time we ask about the baby. Curtis is oblivious, ohh Cutkiss. Only time will tell.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

And it was only ONE week!!

I started medical in a different class than I ended it in. And when the 2010er's graduated and became residents, I was still friends with a bunch of them on facebook. And starting July 1st 2010 I began regularly seeing posts along the lines of, "first day off in 17 days!" or "bed has never felt so wonderful" or "eat, sleep, work" or "blah blah blah exhausted blah tired blah no time blah blah no life blah blah blah work blah blah live at the hospital". I read these status updates and thought to myself, what a bunch of dramatic babies. It's not that bad. They are just looking for sympathy. They knew what they were getting into signing up for this career.

Now, I can never be sure if my skepticism is a form of denial/hopeful thinking. Or if I truly believe these thoughts. But, as it often times turns out, my skepticism is overturned by experiencing the awful truth for myself. Pregnancy was this way. And it turns out, residency is too.

For my first week actually working as a doctor I clocked in 69 hours. I will write that my longest day was 16 hours, because legally, that is all I am allowed to do as a first year, but that may or may not have been the case...if you catch my drift. Two of those days, I left before my children awoke, and returned after they went to bed. Two of those nights, I went to sleep, slightly sitting up (as is the routine for me during pregnancy) and woke up slightly sitting up (usually, I wake up 2 hours later and turn on my side). I guess one could say I was TIRED. One of those days, I set my alarm to 5:17pm instead of AM, and woke up with only 7 minutes to get out of the house. Needless to say, I forwent a shower. And thank goodness I still have that awesome internal alarm clock I acquired in my swimming days!

So, class of 2010, I guess I kind of owe you an apology. You are not a bunch of wimps. I cannot deny that I wasn't exhausted. I did nothing but eat, sleep and work. Nothing felt better than my bed. I had and have no life. I am already looking forward to my first week of vacation in November. But, with all that said, I am LOVING it!As many will probably agree, I was born a "know it all". I remember as early as age 5, being frustrated that my thoughts and opinions were not being taken seriously. Well, now, I get to walk into a room, introduce myself as doctor, and automatically my opinion matters. The amount of respect that accompanies that title is astounding and inspirational. I suddenly wish I were the top student and that I had all the answers. Every patient is like a little puzzle, some are little 25 pieces puzzles and some are 1,000, but they are mine to put together. And it is fun.

As I drove home after my very first "16" hour day as a doctor, I called Matt, and said, "I like being a doctor. I am really glad I chose the right field".

Saturday, July 9, 2011

What happens in Vegas...

...most definitely does NOT stay in Vegas. And no, it's not herpes.

Matt and I were quite "lucky" in Vegas. We came home with more cash then we left with (if you don't count hotel, flight, and entertainment costs.) And more children as well! I generally try not to make comments like this, because for A LOT of people conception is not a simple process, but, when they say it only takes once. Well.

And perhaps all this is TMI, but with two kids and a bun, there is really no denying what went on. I am not kidding, when we finally got settled in on our flight home, I suddenly felt a little twinge of pain in my right lower abdomen. I then thought to myself, "Nah, that isn't what I am thinking it is [ovulation]." And as I sat and continued to feel that sharp, highly localized, very familiar crampy pain, I thought, "And even if it is what I think it is, it doesn't matter, it's been 24 hours, or more. Or less. I think?" And once the sensation eventually subsided, I forgot about it. Until that really weird dream 2 weeks later.

And now, Number Three really won't let me forget about it. All those lovely, familiar symptoms are raging these days as I sit here at 7 weeks and 2 days pregnant. And, since this is a third time around, instead of listing my ailments, I will refer you to the "Short List". Which I believe about covers it. I would just like to add that, so far, there is a slight difference in symptomology. My constant nausea is ever-so-slightly allieviated by snacking! This may sound like a small difference, and there is plenty of time for it to change, but to me, it's HUGE. With the previous 2 boys, nothing, I mean nothing touched that incessant nausea (except Zofran). Now, a piece of celery, and I am good for the next 20 minutes or so. Also, if I am not mistaken, I believe this blatantly indicates that I am having a girl. The only negative to this change...I have only lost 1.5lbs. Usually I am down a few more then that by this point.

And, while we are on the girl topic. It's pretty funny how convinced everyone is that it has to be a girl. Myself included. Not only does it seem right statistically. But come on? Conceived in Vegas? If there was ever a "lady luck", this kiddo is it. I frequently almost refer to Number Three as a she. But, of course, as usual (in case it end up being a boy and he reads this someday) I would be perfectly happy with a third son. The gender question will be answered sometime, on or around February 23rd, 2012.

(Kind of funny that my last announcement pertaining to the presence of another offspring was Vegas themed as well, using a modified quote from "The Hangover".)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

One step closer...

I said this so often with Brock, and things are no different the second time around. Babies just have spurts. They literally wake up one day and are a whole new person. I remember Brock doing this right at 7 months. Curtis is lagging a bit and had his growth spurt at 8 months. But it's identical! Seriously, they both even got the same bottom tooth during this phase!
Curtis thinks he is some kind of hot shot because he can crawl anywhere, and pull himself up onto anything. His curiosity has increased 10-fold due to this increased freedom of movement. Yet, getting down...well, that is hilarious to me, and traumatizing to him at times. He will slightly fall then land smoothly and safely on his butt, back or side, but is sure that he narrowly missed death. He will flail his arms and the look of terror on that little baby face is so genuine, you can do nothing but laugh and cuddle him.

I have quickly realized that Curtis is our dramatic one. As a second child, I guess he has to get noticed somehow. He is going to milk the "smaller, younger" brother excuse for all it's worth when the boys start rough-housing more frequently. I say more frequently, not because they have really started now, but I can see it on the horizon. Though Brock may not have noticed Curtis' advancements on a conscious level, he has definitely started to treat him differently. He treats him like a kid. He finds toys for him, he instructs Curtis to do things, he hugs and kisses him. When we get ready to leave, he asks if Curtis, or za Cuck, or Cucky, or Cookie, or Curkiss, will be joining us.

Even while teething, he was still abnormally happy. He wanted a bit more attention, and was waking up once a night (just needed a pacifier and some comfort), but some kids do that on a regular basis still at this age. I am just glad he is one step closer to eating real food, he wants to be able to join us at the table more than anything in the world.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meat Loaf

This image came from one of Matt's cheezburger sites. Viewing these websites is something that I very regularly and relentlessly make fun of/chide him for, yet I reap all the benefits. You see, he marks the ones he finds most amusing and through the genius of Google Reader, I can view only 10 of the 1,000's he has pre-screened. And, we have a very similar sense of humor. Therefore, I am the clear WINNER in this situation (as per usual) and he is most definitely the LOSER (in nearly every meaning of the word).

But, back to the image. Of all the random chain emails, things people have posted, pictures and jokes I have seen, I HAD to repost this on my own blog. There are some things in life that perplex, interest and humor me. A lot. To the point of obsessing. And it really bothers me that sometimes other people are not botherd or confused by these things nearly to the same degree as me. Which is probably why I obsess about them...I just want to yell, come on people!? Well, this song by Meat Loaf is one of those things that has plagued me for life. How can one create such an incredibley vague power ballad, yet have no meaning attached to it whatsoever? What stems the passion with which this song is sung?

Well, question answered. As you can see folks, it's as simple as this: Meat Loaf would do anything for love, but he won't do that. (No no, he won't do that.)

Monday, July 4, 2011

Holy Mackerel!!

So, my attempt to cut down on the "house keeping" posts by creating a month end has failed miserably. I did it in April and completely forgot to do May and June!! It's just not my style and going to take some adjusting, but here goes:

Morgan and Drew Elmore
May 21st, 2011
Carthage, Missouri
Morgan and I bonded in Med school during our rotation at Children's Mercy. We quickly discovered that we are both extremely high strung, stressful people who enjoy "over-committing" to life in genereal, but playing it off as if we are laid back and fun. Our poor spouses take the brunt of all that pent up anxiety. So, I was overjoyed to share this huge day with her, and even more excited that I could hook her up with my husband! As the photographer, what else would I mean by that? That is also where I stole these images for the blog.

This was one of those "it's about time" kind of weddings where everyone knows everyone. Everyone loves the couple. And it is a true celebration all around. It also provided me the opportunity to hang out with Christy, another classmate and fellow coffeeshop hopper. We found ourselves studying next to each other quite often, and making fun of the kittly litter instrumentalist and the man who thinks a coffeeshop should be more silent than a library.

Congrats to two happy and amazing people.

Tommy and Lauren Houts
June 4th, 2011
Visitation Church and Mission Hills CC
Tommy Houts attended grade school with Matt. The two of them, along with a couple other childhood pals, have more memories together than almost anyone I know. This little pack has remained incredible friends, been in each others weddings, godparented each other's children, creatively destroyed beehives, and enjoyed many other bouts of debauchery together throughout their lives. Though, I along with the other wives have technically became part of this little clique, I think they will agree with me when I say that these boys have a special bond of their own. And Lauren, being the youngest and newest member fits in incredibly! In fact, it feels as if she has always been around. I don't think you can ask for anything better.

Despite a little bit of an air-conditioning issue. And a bit of photographer disciplinary action at that church (which there is nothing Jason Domingues can't handle - another photographer I ripped off an image from...) The wedding was a grand and beautiful one. It is so comfortable to attend weddings filled with friends.


Lastly, I attended a shower for Shae Paradise. She is expecting her first baby, which I believe to be a girl. It was a generally lovely shower. With a few games, you know, name the candy bar poop and time the diaper change. Really it was just a welcome change in pace from my testosterone filled household. Can't wait to meet the soon to be newest addition to the baby Group clan...fingers crossed she holds out until August 6th.