Monday, November 30, 2009

Going out with a bang!

Wedding season has officially ended for Matt and I, with the union of Staci Schnieders and Robert Reintjes III. The ceremony took place at Redemptorist Church (noted for the longest aisle in Kansas City) and the reception at the Hiatt, Crown Center. All around, it was a dream wedding. I really cannot think of a single thing that should have been changed. And the cake, wow, that was excellent.
Staci & Robert Reintjes III
November 28th, 2009

Monday, November 23, 2009

Chili, Cheesecake and Chicken Dip.

Well, it's here. Brock's first birthday. I did not anticipate the emotions this day would trigger. I thought, more than anything, I would just be a little sad my teeny, tiny infant is now unquestionably a toddler. I thought I would miss some of his previous, adorable, needy stages. Instead, I got a flood of memories. I remember the day my water broke, the anticipation during labor, and seeing a wonderful, perfect, healthy baby boy. I remember the general feeling, the aura if you will, that surrounded that entire moment of birth and the crazy weeks to follow. I know that every subsequent child will provide me with new and unique experiences, emotions and love, but I really feel none can touch that of the first child. I have no expectations with Brock. Everything he does, every landmark he achieves, provides me with constant amazement.

After childbirth, though I know billions of women have been through it before, I felt like a rockstar. And the same proves true for seeing my child grow and learn. Though I know he is right on track with every other healthy baby, I see him and think, no way is any other baby as perfect as Brock. I mean, do other 11 month-old children pick up an empty plastic pitcher and put it to their mouth to pretend like they are drinking, fake gulping noises and all? Do they call Bermuda from their mother's cell phone? Do they say mom, dad, dog, baby and neigh neigh neigh neigh? Do they know how to identify their stuffed animal's by name? Do they prefer techno music to any other genre? I am as amazed and obsessed with that child every bit as much today as I was a year ago from now. I keep waiting for this feeling to disappear, and I just don't think it will. For that, I am happy.

Happy Birthday, Brock Thomas.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Party Planning

I lucked out and got a few days off throughout November while my preceptor takes a vacation. The first thought, which I verbalized to Matt, was: "Wow, our entire house might be clean all at one time". Good ol' reliably, realistic Matt replies; "Oh, I am sure you will come up with something you need to do, besides clean the house, that is obviously more urgent." And, I did. Brock's first birthday party!

I think I might LOVE to quit my day-job and become a party planner/creator. And I am pretty sure I can now officially say my favorite hobby is invitation design and construction. Then, once I have created the invite, I really enjoy finding all the right paper ware and party supplies to coordinate. I personally designed and created every element of Brock's invites. I cut out all the paper from 12 x 12 card stock, and typed up the invitation on Microsoft Word (which I get made fun of for using by EVERYONE who has any experience whatsoever in graphic design.) If you're curious how I got the colorful dots - lowercase 'L" in Wingdings 1 is a dot, then I individually changed the font color for each dot with a little copy & pasting. Love it.

PS - I believe you can click on the image to make it larger; if you want to be able to read the invite (nothing too exciting there. Though, not sure there is really anything too exciting for anyone on this particular post, besides me & maybe those few other paper or graphic design types out there.)

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm a Lumberjack and I'm OK...

...I sleep all night and I work all day.
Brock was a little lumberjack for Halloween. Adorable. Matt and I made the mini-suspenders and found the rest of the outfit at various stores such as Target, Walmart, The Children's Place, Party Warehouse, etc. We just visited all the grandparents, no trick-or-treating for us.

So, was the Brock's first Halloween a success? Not so sure. He hated the mustache and beard. He really did not want anything to do with the plastic axe that I spent a good 20 minutes trying to de-glitter. It was really more for the parents' amusement. So, if we gauge success off of amount of amusement had by the adults, then yes, quite a success! Next year we will get some candy.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Do you believe this weather!?

The weather here in Kansas City has been disgustingly beautiful. I don't want to spend even a moment indoors, and neither does Brock. In fact, he threw a mini temper tantrum last evening as we headed inside; his tantrums are still cute. I am sure that is soon to change.

This weather graced us with the opportunity to visit a local pumpkin patch. I must say, having an adventurous, independent, psychotically active child that can finally walk on his own is...wonderful! Everyone warned us, look out when he walks, he will be everywhere. Well, he is everywhere, and he is happy about it, and his hands and knees are much less dirty. Life is much more pleasant for all involved. I thought I had a happy baby before, but I think he has hit his pinnacle.