Saturday, June 28, 2008

A New Found Respect

Golf. I have always been interested in learning how to play this game. I have also been apprehensive because it appears that a huge component to success in this sport is patience. If you know me at all, you know this is absolutely never on my list of attributes, but commonly found in the "needs to work on" department. But after an inspirational weekend of watching Tiger win the US Open (again, never thought I would be able to watch an entire weekend of golf on television, but damn, that man is amazing - he's my new obsession in sports) Matt and I set out to the driving range to give it a go. Gotta tell ya, not nearly as easy as it appears, but every bit as boring. So, as I did with skiing, I say screw learning how, lets just go play a round.

Matt and I went on Friday night to a golf course which allows beginners to play for free on a Par 3, 9 hole course (which means every hole was a par 3, and under 200 yards to the green). Here's where the unbelieveable part comes in...ready?

On my 3rd hole, I teed off and hit the pin! You know, the pole with a flag on it that sits in the hole? That's as close as you get to a hole-in-one without actually getting one. All the people within earshot turned to see who hit that pin, and they all clapped and cheered. Ha! I'm a natural. Matt really couldn't get over it, but it wasn't that bewildering to me, I do consider myself to be an incredible athlete...why wouldn't I dominate golf?

Beginner's luck, I know.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Kansas City Royals Bowling League

The L.A.M.E. Ladies
Our name is lame. It is made up of our initials (my mom and sisters), and that is the bowling order. Why am I always the anchor? I had much more confidence in swimming, now I just have an anxiety attack. As soon as we recieve them, I shall get a photo of all of us in our official Royals bowling shirts!!! That's right, you heard.

I always knew my mother was competitive, but good lord. This isn't even a money need to wonder where I came from. Recently, I got 7 spares in one game, therefore earning one bowler buck, which I plan to use as a down payment for a soft pretzel and cheese.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Same Age, Same Interests?

Wish I had video footage of this one. My nephew, Alexander, and boxer, Tali, are nearly the exact same age, seperated by only 2 months. Whenever Xander comes over to visit, they are inseperable. Usually, their interactions consist of Tali following his every move and just staring, but last night, they moved on to a whole new level. Everyone was over for a belated Father's day dinner, and we were all out on the deck later in the evening as it began to get dark (around 9pm!!) Alexander wandered into the darkest corner of the backyard to begin chasing fireflies. Tali followed, as usual, and stared, as usual. Then, it happened, they both spotted a lightening bug at the exact same time. They both ran for it. And just at the last moment, Tali lept ahead of Alexander and chomped down on the bug. Alexander just stood in the yard for a moment in bewilderment, as we all laughed histerically. "How rude, Tali!"

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last One Out

Timothy William Smith
graduated from Bishop Miege High School
on May 11th, 2008
Me and Timothy, the grad.
My youngest brother, Timothy, finally graduated High School. I say finally not because it took him an especially long time, but because I think my mom has been looking forward to this day since the oldest one graduated HS. (Not sure why though, its not like him and Brennan are ever going to actually move out of the house.) We had an awesome Open House party for him over the weekend, I just love all the really good finger food. After the party, we all went to see "What Happens in Vegas" to get reved up for our Smith Family Vegas Vacation 2010 (now all we need is for the last one to turn 21, always waiting on Timothy - gotta love him.)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Dreams Do Come True

Amanda and Cody Goyer
June 7th, 2008

We attended Annora's sister-in-law's (so her husband's sister's) Cinderella themed wedding this weekend. Me, my mom, and sisters partied like rockstars to songs like the Macarana, Electric slide, Mickey & the Chicken dance!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

He Never Told Me

So, we had a bit of a crazy thunderstorm last night (according to a friend's 2 year old, Joey, "Jesus was bowling"). As I sat in the living room, playing Snood on my computer, I noticed Tater was cowering under my legs which were propped on the ottoman/coffee table. We've had him for over 2 years now, and he failed to ever mention that thunder and lightening terrify him. Next thing I know, I look down to find him scooting on his side to take cover under that table. Just as a side note, the clearance for that table tops out at approximately 5 inches. Perhaps this is a newly acquired fear, he is getting worrisome and anxious in his old age.

Monday, June 2, 2008


So, after minimal effort, Matt and I are expecting. I am currently at 15 weeks. (I hate this photo, thought about cutting off the head and just showing my body, and I had to stage it myself, because Matt is in China. I could have waited for him to come home, but I really wanted to post at 15 weeks, I just like that number, and I'll be 16 by the time he gets back - poor Matt, the baby will be so big the next time he sees it.)
I also waited this long to post, because I made a strict rule that I was not allowed to "think baby" until I successfully completed my first year of school. Though, I have to say, the child made it pretty hard to ignore its presence because I was absolutley ill and tired for 13 weeks. We are talking every symptom in the book! Smell and taste aversions, heat sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, constipation, heartburn, exhaustion, confusion, you name it. If you are still not convinced, I lost almost 10 lbs...I haven't lost weight since the Summer of 2003. That's ok, get out all the bad behavior while you're still contained.

Now, it's open season! I am techniquely due on Thanksgiving, but, judging by my extremely accurate and strong "mother's intuition", I am pretty sure Baby O will be here by the 23rd of November. I already know, in my mind what I would like the nursery to look like, now it's just finding it. I have decided on black baby furniture, in fact, I hope for black and white bedding, cloths, etc, not sure it exists for babies though. Maybe I'll pick up sewing.

Also, lastly, we will not find out what it is, and we don't really know of any names feel free to throw some suggestions out there. As of right now, if anyone asks of name options, the reply is, "Funny you should ask, we were thinking (fill in name of person asking)." It's really quite entertaining when the person actually falls for it and thinks we are possibly naming our child after them.

When you take your eye off a 2 year old for 3 minutes...

Alexander, my 27 month-old nephew, loves Tater and Tali (though he tends to get Tali mixed up with my mother's dog and calls her Marley.) While we were manning the garage sale, he walked over to the side of the house, just out of eye sight to play with the doggies. Next thing we know, he is stuck at the top of the fence, in a slight panic. Didn't think this one all the way through, did ya there kid?