Friday, October 31, 2008

"It's perfect because you ARE pregnant!"

This Halloween proved to be one of those night where by the end of it, you kind of wonder to yourself, "Am I on something, or did all of that really happen?" I really only went out because Matt was soo excited about our costumes, and put in quite a few man hours assembling all the pieces. Hopefully, it is apparent by the photographs, but if not, Matt and I were Juno MacGuff & Paulie Bleeker for Halloween. I must give credit to Maureen and Beth for mentioning the idea, it did not come solely from my genius - but it definitely was the PERFECT costume for the two of us (despite the fact that we are both probably double the size of those 2 actors.) Anyways, if I tried to re-invent the night in writing, it would end up a novel, but let me just say, costumes do strange things. As if people watching isn't fun already, add the perception of an invisibility blanket and we end up with some wild and crazy action.

I was shocked at how many other couples were the same duo! But I was the ONLY actual pregnant Juno. Therefore, everytime the costumes were compared, Matt and I won. You just can't beat it. Another good idea for a couple: Andy and Angela from "The Office". I also saw a few Joker's, "Super So Fun", Mario, 80's prom, lady bug, bumble bee, sailor, marching band member (who could also tap dance very well in spilt beer), the Hamburglar (who literally walked around throwing McDonald's hamburgers to people - and Matt helped himself)...and many more.The conclusion to our rather interesting Halloween celebration, could not have been scripted more perfectly...we found a girl, passed out, in the gutter. That's right, she was lying half in the gutter, half on the curb. Of course, my first thought races to: "Oh my god, it was a hit and run. She's dead." Matt gets out of the car and shakes her telling her she can't be there; no movement. My head: "Holy crap, she really is dead." I get out, and as I get near, she finally wakes up, utterly confused, and tells us she is fine and just walking home. Ha! She is fine!? So, Beth walks with her a few houses while we follow, (because she wouldn't get in the car with 3 helpful strangers, but would pass out in the street in the middle of the night.) We soon realize she is not actually walking home, she has no idea where she is, she is from St. Louis. Anyway, to spare all the boring details of trying to get coherent information from someone willing to sleep in the gutter, I will just say we finally got ahold of her husband who appeard to be out driving around searching for her...someone needs to NEVER drink again.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Newly Realized Pet Peeve: Advertising

"Caramel & Nuts go together like fresh bread and a warm memory"
Last weekend, while I vigorously studying at Panera, I just so happened to read the little advertisement they have placed atop every table. The above quote is what I read. And I have one question, does anyone really have a "warm memory" involving "fresh bread"?

Maybe I am wrong, maybe I am the only person with a childhood deprived of fresh bread so wonderful it created a warm memory. But, I just don't think I am. Who came up with that, and thought, Ahh, millions of people will completely connect with this statement and purchase a caramel-nut roll! Genius.

Friday, October 24, 2008

I knew I should have taken up smoking.

At my 35 week appointment, the baby weighed in at 6 lbs and 8 oz's!!!! The reasoning behind the exclamation points is not excitment at that weight, but terror. All the books and websites out there on pregnancy list the average estimated weight at 35 weeks to be 5 and 1/4 pounds. If the child continues at this rate and I go the full 40 weeks, we are looking at a baby well over 9 lbs, if not more into the 10 lbs range. I must admit, this information absolutely did not come as a shock, seeing as Matt was the smallest of his brothers - weighing in over 9lbs, and my sister had her son 8 days early, and he was 9lbs 6oz's. People are just too healthy these days. No one smokes, or drinks, and everyone takes their prenatal vitamins...did we really expect to continue having 6 lb babies?

I, on the other hand, just hit the 20 lb weight gain mark. Some people gain 40 lbs and still have a 6 lb baby. Really though, the baby looked amazing, and healthy, and so real. I can't wait to meet it, even though its birth might be a struggle.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

BFF! (Ben Folds Forever)

Matt and I attended the awesome Ben Folds concert last night at the Uptown Theatre (a smallish, indoor venue). Surprising as it may seem, the highlight of the evening was NOT the freezing rain we (by we, I mean, mostly Matt) had to stand in for 45 minutes to get in the doors. NOR was it the guy sitting in front of me, constantly belching a stench comprised of the mixture of beer and garbage disposal. And least of all, it was NOT the group next us, or should I even say group, the girl next to us who had THE most annoying/loud voice of all time. I will not even attempt to describe it, for fear I will bring out that shreaking laughter once more. The highlight in this case actually was the intended performer, Ben Folds. His piano playing ability, singing skills and general demeanor make for a completely fulfilling night of entertainment. This is the 3rd time I have seen him live, and he just gets better.

It would not be a complete description of the evening if I did not mention the runner up for most quality entertainment,"that crazy lady". You know, the one that attends EVERY concert you have EVER been to, the one you are not sure if she is: a.) on drugs, b.) clinically insane or, c.) can just "feel"the music like none of us ever have: aka f-ing weird. She was there in full form; dancing when no one else was, head banging to anything and everything, and her left leg just didn't seem to have the capability to stay planted on the floor... Have any of you seen the SNL with Sue - the one who can't take surprises? Imagine her in real life. (If you haven't, this is an example, just watch her body movements: )

Monday, October 20, 2008

Posing as a Socialite

Matt and I were invited by Ricky & Shae, some friends of ours to fill some seats at the Catholic Education Foundation dinner. Of course this black tie, Kansas City elite, event would fall towards the end of the two week "stache off", of which Matt is a participant. As if we didn't already stick out by being on the young side and preggers, Matt was sporting some ugly-ass chops. Luckily, he doesn't actually harbor the skill of facial hair growth, and he is fair-skinned therefore light haired, thus making the 'stache hard to discern from a distance.
Great effort though on his part. Boy did he try his darndest to look like a dirty, old creep...

PS - Throughout the dinner, another moment (besides the mustache) made it clear that despite being married, owning a house, and being with child, we are not ready for this phase of life. Somehow, Whitney, Shae, Matt and I got onto a more off-color topic of the sexual nature; and as we got more and more into this whirlwind of perverse joking we suddenly stopped and realized: Wait a minute, we are at a fancy, exclusively CATHOLIC dinner...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

D.O. Baby

The girls from school put together a lovely Sunday afternoon tea for me and Baby O. This event was particularly enjoyable because we had just finished a very grueling section in school; it made me (and I hope them) feel like part of the "real world" again. Stephanie, one of the hostess' made quite a delightful punch, you know - the one with ginger ale, some kind of red punch soda & sherbert. Always a hit. They also found a little baby onesie at the KCUMB Bookstore (which is what I am holding). During class we all joke that I am going to have THE smartest baby because it has already been through 3 of 10 sections...possibly 4. I do think it would be quite amusing if this one followed in Mommy's footsteps and became a D.O. We, of course, had to play one baby shower game...guess the belly size. Of all the options for showers games I've heard of, I have to say this one seems to be the most amusing and worth-while. Even though you see yourself everyday, getting bigger and bigger. And even though your large, rugby player husband's t-shirts don't even fit well anymore. Nothing quite brings home the concept of how big you are until you see someone walk toward you with a ribbon that appears to be as long as you are tall and it fits perfectly around the circumference of your belly.
Thanks again to you all for the great time, the support and the entertainment...everyday.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Chris Cake's has still got it - I don't.

I'll begin in reverse order of the weekend's events related to Kim's (Matt's cousin) wedding. On Sunday morning, we had a pancake breakfast catered by none other than Chris of Chris Cake's himself. This company does/did all the pancake breakfasts that Visitation (my grade school & church) ever held and I ever attended. Plus,it was always this same man! It has probably been 10+ years since I last experienced the massive pancake machine, and super-human speed pancake flipping, and the 'better be ready to catch it' pancake tossing. So, as a joke, I stand up and hold my plate out from across the room, as if to gesture that I would like him to attempt to toss a pancake all the way to me. He moved his head in a manner that I took to mean, "No"...but I later find out most thought it was more of an, "Are you sure you are ready for this?" So, I take a few steps in his direction to go get some pancakes, when I hear "Hey!" just in time to look up and see a pancake heading straight for my face. I swiveled to the side and slightly ducked as much and as quickly as an 8-month pregnant woman can move, only to have it peg me on my left shoulder. If only I had looked up a second sooner, I would have caught the thing, everyone would have cheered, and I would have been a celebrated hero...but no, I get a bunch of groans, and laughs (which I find to be very rude, considering my "delicate situation".)

Beyond that, it was a fairly normal wedding weekend: happy families, lots of food, CAKE and alcohol, a beaming bride, perfect weather, and a lovely mass.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Did I mention?

I am free!!!! I have successfully (so I think) concluded what is rumored to be "the hardest section in med school": Neuroscience. It was 10 difficult weeks, packed with emotional breakdown, and mental hardship, but it is over. I could not be more relieved. (And I am techniquely allowed to think about baby from this point forward...finally.)

A Frog Prince Wedding?

Last weekend, my cousin Katie finally got married! Not that she was engaged for a particularly long time, but I feel like I have mentioned this event multiple times previous to its fruition. It was visually a very nice ceremony. I loved the random usage of indoor items for outdoor decor...such as chandeliers, floor lamps, office seating, etc. What optimal photo-shoot materials - though, we really didn't take much advantage of it. My only complaint with the out-doorish type venue was damage to my heels (why do my shoes always provide the damper to my wedding enjoyment?) And I only fit in one dress these days, so be on the lookout for its appearance again very soon...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Men in Make-up!

During the Halloween season, my brothers work out at the World's of Fun Halloween Haunt on weekend nights. They have to show up a couple hours early, just for the make-up! (Top: Brennan; Bottom: Timothy)
Never thought I'd hear these words come out of their mouths: "Sorry - can't make it. I have to go get my make-up done."

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Birthdays and Babies

My dad's side of the family got together for a Birthday and Baby BBQ. My sister, Annora, hosted it at her new house, and it was quite the get-together. Matt and I made out with a decent amount of booty...apparently every new parent needs a Diaper Genie! I mean, I guess it's a good thing to keep the house from stinking?
Above are Alexander, and Starlee...Are they 1st cousin's once removed, or 2nd cousins? We can't figure it out.
Like father, like daughter. I mean the stance, not the bellies.
When you see a bug on someone, do you slap at it as hard as you can, or shoo it away?