Thursday, August 6, 2009

A HAPPY Birthday, indeed.

The day just started off happy. Matt brought Brock and a bottle to me, so I got to give breakfast in bed. Then to add to my happiness, Brock fell right back to sleep. We then walked over to Starbucks for my iced caramel latte which never fails to make me happy. And I would like to mention it was probably the best one I've had in a while - so, shout out to this morning's barista.

For lunch, Brock & I met Matt at Ninfa's, and we all know how happy those tortilla's make anyone who takes a single bite. Mmmmm. From there we went to the fountain park in Crown Center to join Alexander and Annora. Got to admit, those fountains made Brock very UNhappy. Haha, sometimes sad is cuter than happy - wish we got his reaction on film. I then popped into Halls before heading home and bought myself a happy pair of birthday shoes:

We finished the night at Hibachi for some wonderful Japanese food and entertainment (their salad dressing IS happiness). I think there were 9 of us in attendance, so we successfully avoided having to share a table with strangers. And after dinner, a few continued on to my house for the after party! Which ended at 1:11am. What a happy day.

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