Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A first for everything.

Easter is a big holiday for the Harris side of Matt's family. And this year, it felt just a little bit extra special, as it was George's first big holiday. It was also our first attempt at not only a four hour car ride with 3 little boys, but a 2 night stay in a strange place. Most of Matt's family were able to meet George for the first time. It was the first time Curtis dyed eggs. And it was the first time that Stephen won the golden egg!
Overall, it was an amazing weekend. I love firsts. And I love spending 3 days with just my family. This was the first time in 7 weeks that I didn't feel overwhelmed by having to wrangle 3 children. Generally, when I am at home, I am not only trying to keep the kids fed, bathed, and happy, but I am trying to clean, and blog, and send out birth announcements, and feed the dogs. It's not relaxing. And it makes me take for-granted the time I have home with my kiddos and husband. Sitting in the car, I could talk to Brock, and smile at Curtis, and feel at ease that George is quiet. The only stressful thing about the weekend, was trying to get all 3 boys to happily participate in a photo. I just don't think it's going to happen. Good thing they are all cute enough to carry a photograph on their own.
I cannot express how wonderful the holidays are to me. I enjoy my friends. I enjoy my co-workers. On a day to day basis, I am generally happy. But, I could look at these images all day. They really captured the moment for me. Pure beauty and happiness. In spending time with my family. And I even got to see EVERY SINGLE immediate family member of both sides, except my own mother. Nothing will ever seem wrong in the world, as long as I have these guys...

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