Friday, March 7, 2008

Quick Family Updates:

Brennan turned 21. I don't think he quite made it to 21 shots/drinks-and he calls himself an Irishman. Lightweight. Really, it was a good time, and now just one more to go. Smith Vegas Vacation 2010!!? (Doing a "Landmine" shot in this photo, 3 waters, 1 tequila, 1 vodka, 1 rum.)
February 18th
Leah graduated from Kansas State in December. Yay! It might be safe to assume she is the last one to graduate from college...the boys may be hopeless. (Here we are at 75th Street Brewery for her graduation part-ay.)
Xander is 2, and apparently thinks you are supposed to eat the flame.
February 16th

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