Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter at the Ozarks

After finishing up my finals week, which marked the close of the GastroIntestinal section (aka "poop") of med school, Matt and I made our way to the Lake of the Ozarks to join his family on a little weekend trip. It was a fun-filled weekend of games: Bowling, Sequence, Catch Phrase, Scatagories, Poker, Gin, Spades, etc. (some of which are on my "banned" list of games due to their competitive nature, so I did not participate in all). As you can see, we went horseback-riding, and though I was the caboose I was riding "Commando". Which was such a coincidence because...well, nevermind.

Matt then put on the Easter Egg hunt, which lasted about an hour too long, but there were some high-stakes prizes on the line.
Then we all got tatoos, I've never gotten one, but thought if I'm going to go, I'll go all out, so, a sleeve it was! I love dragons.

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