Monday, November 10, 2008

The Waiting Game

[The Hostess, Mike and Mimi, the soon-to-be grandmother.]
In most "mom-to-be" literature, there is a whole section on how it is normal to be feeling extremely nervous, anxious, scared as well as questioning your parenting abilities. Is it normal to feel none of this? That is not covered. After my 4th and final shower, I realized, I don't feel any of these because of the ridiculous amount of love and support this child already possesses. I have no fears. If I cannot figure something out, or if I am worried about a symptom or behavior, I have more experienced resources at my fingertips than I even knew about before this event. The people who have come through for me have ranged from my own immediate family, to Matt's immediate family, and all of their friends, and all of my friends, and even my classmates.
Even the birth does not scare me, so many women before me have managed, I feel I will be no different. At this point, it is just a waiting game. And if there is one thing I do NOT do well, it is wait. Not that I need instant gratification (though it is nice), as I have mentioned so many times before -I am just extremely impatient! If I fear one thing, it is my lack of patience, I hear children require a lot of it. And the baby residing underneath my left rib cage does not make the waiting any easier!
I guess I would just like to thank everyone who has and is supporting Baby O. My only concern - will the child ever learn to walk? I think it's always going to be in someone's arms for the first year...

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