Sunday, November 2, 2008

Crossing the Threshold

To celebrate my passage into "full term", 37 weeks, my sisters and mother put on a shower (thank you!!!!!!) This shower was a wonderful brunch, themed "Round the Clock". Every guest had been assigned a time: 6am, 12pm, 6pm or 12am - for which they were to select a gift. Very appropriate theme for a shower during Daylights Savings. I could not have been more please with the way it turned out, I enjoyed seeing and talking to everyone in attendance, really, what a pleasant event.
I would like add that I believe I have crossed some kind of threshold in the past 2 weeks. I think this for a few reasons. One, I get stared at - mainly by women - I think I am hitting the point where people look at me, and think, "Man, she is about to pop!" Two, I have now experienced two stranger belly rubs, well, one was more of a tap. Three, while in the grocery store, I had to wait for a toddler to finish throwing his tantrum before I could get to the olive oil, and this older woman points, and says, "See what you have to look forward to...?" (Which, by the way, is my #1 hated pregnancy comment - anyone who doesn't know that a 2 year old can throw a fit like none seen before is stupid. That's right, no dancing around it, I'll say it again, stupid. No one ever points to the cutest, sweetest, most well-behaved child and says that...) Four, the question, "Are you ready to have that baby yet?" Almost as bad as, "How's married life?" What the 'f' do you think? Lastly, almost no one can resist asking me when the baby's due; the cashier, the bagger, the teacher, the girl I am washing my hands next to in the bathroom, the woman in the park walking her dog, the waitress, the teacher, the postal worker, the neighbor collecting canned goods, the grade school children the med students screen, ET CETERA, ET CETERA! So you lose! Good day sir.

I will close with this final photo: GOBAMA!! (The other onesy says: Pacifist)


Helen E said...

If I had been any more hungover in that last picture, I think I would have actually been throwing up on you.

MW said...

Classic--Beth leaves a comment about the Willy Wonka reference while I leave one about being hungover. Wait, strike that, reverse it.