Monday, January 5, 2009


What a whirlwind! I hated being pregnant. I was uncomfortable, physically, from conception to 4 weeks post-partum. I will take 27 hours of labor anytime over 9 months of pregnancy (but unfortunately you must do both to have a baby.) Labor, as expected, was agony. Then, the unexpected emotional rollercoaster post-partum. For a few days after Brock's arrival, I sincerely questioned our decision to add this bundle of joy to our family. But today, and for the past few weeks, all of those negative feelings have washed away. I now see how woman have more than one child. In fact, I am so obsessed with this little boy, I cannot wait to have more! (I think that's why they make 2-year-olds insane, if children were as sweet as newborns we would all be like the Dugger's (who are now 18, no more "one on the way".)) Every noise, face, gesture, movement is adorable, irresistable even. Though I could be productive, I choose to sit and stare into Brock's ever changing eyes. When he sleeps for more than 3 hours during the day, I begin to miss him. So, in response to my constant lament over the past 10 months: "this better be worth it..." - is it ever!


Maggie said...

Ditto on this blog, yet I believe you came to this realization a few days earlier than I.

Cute Christmas pics too, he's such a peanut! Hard to believe my guy was ever so tiny, he is now such a monster - a sweet, lovable, don't look away for a second or he's climbing (even though he technically shouldn't be old enought to be climbing) little monster.

But yet I would love another monster, maybe a girl monster.

Margaret said...

Great post!! It took me 7 months to get there :) (I'd like to blame colic for my slow development). I'm still not ready to do the pregnancy & labor again. If only the husband could take a turn I'd say yes in a heart beat. That seems fair, right?

What a beautiful little guy he is! It's amazing how much more alert he looks already!!!