Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Christmas Eve started at the bowling alley with the Giblin's (my mom's family) - as it does every year. I wore the worst shoes, the free bowling is not tempting, but I was not told that DDR would be up and running the whole time! Next year, I am showing up early to get some practice in before destroying all competitors.
Then me and my boys went to 4 o'clock mass. I estimated Brock would last exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes in slumber - plenty of time. Wrong. Because of a miscommunication between the processors and the cantor, the opening hymn lasted about 10 minutes (didn't know Oh Come All Ye Faithful could be sung in so many languages.) Then, there was some strange song listing how many days, years, months, weeks, etc. it had passed since our lord's birth, and Caesar's rule, and the founding of Rome, Jerusalem, Judiah, etc... another 5 minutes or so. So, it hits Brock's limit and, of course, mass is not quite ended. He did his part, the church just didn't do theirs.
Then off to celebrate with my dad's side of the family. Where we do the gift exchange where you get to steal presents. Always a treat. The most saught after gifts at this side's Christmas: alcohol. You know you're Irish/Catholic when... Then we closed the night at Matt's parent's house. Luckily, everyone was too tired to play "stack the cookies" by the time we arrived.

Christmas day gets split between just 2 place's: Matt's parents and my mom's. It is a nice long day of opening gifts, eating, playing with gifts, opening more gifts, eating again and never changing out of your pajamas. And this year, it was 2 days of me not having to change or really even hold my child - just feeding. Nice break for mom, and fun for baby.

More Pictures soon...

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