Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Growth Spurt

About a week ago, Brock suddenly tripled his food intake and then had a couple 11 hour nights of sleep - I hardly recognize him now. He unquestioningly responds to his name. He crawls everywhere (need to add Baby-proofing the house to my list below). He insists on standing, and has begun attempting to navigate a room by moving from one piece of furniture to another (bumps and bruises, here we come). He has become quite a bit more vocal, and even hums along with me as I sing him to sleep (try keeping a calm, straight face when your little boy does that one...hilariously cute). He says "mumumum" when on the verge of being sad and "dadadada" when content. He finally enjoys his "Johnny jumper" and now [sort of] sits still while being fed. He takes a bath in the porcelain tub instead of that little blue plastic thing. His laugh, and movements have just become more child-like instead of infantile. He is 7 months old today. I love him.


ClearlyHowe said...

Please tell me that beautiful sofa is going inside your house. That thing has inspired me for decades!

sheltonfamily said...

Looks like Alabama with a sofa on the lawn! LOL