Thursday, June 11, 2009

It's a Toofer.

A tooth has finally erupted! Brock had been really cranky a couple days before any evidence of the tooth arrived, but is now back to his usual giddy-self. I have really been trying to get him to crawl; he has zero interest. I think we will not be able to hold off the walking very long. Brock is NEVER happier than when he is standing "on his own". When he successfully pulls himself up into the standing position he laughs and squeals. If there is anything with in his reach that is at a slightly higher elevation, he tries to pull himself up on it...pretty amusing. Especially when it is the floppy cross bars made of foam on his floor play gym thing. Good luck with that one, buddy.

Two weeks from today I take my boards! After that, I am a free woman, kind of... for a few weeks anyway. I shouldn't even be on here.

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The Carnahan Family said...

Exciting!!! Sounds like it wasn't too bad with the first tooth. Good deal...we're just starting to register. Any recommendations or must haves? We're pretty much asking for the bigger essentials. Hope all is well! The Carnahans