Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Brief, Free Moment...

Aha! I have captured a moment to continue with my real passion: blogging.

On September 1st I began my first clinical rotation in Internal Medicine. I have probably learned more in these last 7 days of working than I did in 7 months of classes. Or, perhaps learn isn't the correct description; my competence/confidence level has increased exponentially. My preceptor is a Hospitalist, so I spend my entire day rounding North Kansas City Hospital. Today was "short call" so I am home by 3:30p. Most days are "long call" and those are the 11-15 hour days - depending on the action in the ER. I love it. I finally see why I suffered through those first 2 years of agonizing classroom work. I have a feeling I will love every single specialty I experience; I am a sponge.My only complaint, which I doubt comes as a surprise, is time away from family. I see Brock for 2 hours, if I am lucky, on "long call" days. This is not sufficient. I forget what he looks like by then end of that 12 hour shift, and babies can change so much in one day, perhaps I am not imagining it. Perhaps he really does look different.
Brock turned 9 months on the last day of our vacation. He lost a pound or 2 while traveling and thus went down in percentile for height and weight. I think he is back to that 70% range. Don't worry though, I have been doing nothing but fattening him up for the last few weeks, and he is happy. No walking yet. He can walk with just about any sort of assistance, but will not attempt it on his own. He stands freely, but will not take a step forward, he just eventually squats down and crawls. He can make it to the top of the stairs in less than 10 seconds (yes, I timed him...) He loves the Tupperware cabinet, but prefers the dishwasher. And probably my favorite trend for now: shaking his head "no". For example: if Brock is standing on the bed, under this painting we have hanging within reach, he will start to grab for it, but then realize we have repeatedly told him "no!" and hesitate, then start shaking his own head "no". So cute. You can see his entire thought process: Ooooohh, I want to touch that! Wait, something happens everytime I touch that...oh yeah, that's right, my parents yell "no" everytime I reach for it, so "no".

Congrats to Molly and Troy Oller! August 28th, 2009.

Got to love Kansas City Irish Fest! Labor day weekend. Felt like we were back in Ireland, on vacation (ha). Wish I would have bought Brock a mini Kilt...

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