Wednesday, October 21, 2009


All our footage of Brock attempting to walk for the past couple of months is on the video camera that has no cable to transfer the I grabbed a quick sample of his skills tonight using the little camera to throw on the blog. (No making fun of his outfit, it's "Daycare clothes" which means, anything I can find under $2....I mean RE-CYCLEBOT 2.0? I don't get it either.)

First 2 steps: August 8th
...walking between furniture: September 18th
...walking around the house: October 5th
...walking everywhere: October 23rd

I see why they call it baby steps. People seem to always have a date or age for when their child started "walking". I would like to know how that is determined. Brock had the strength and capability to walk since August, but seeing as crawling was still the quicker and more efficient method he chose this route 99% of the time. The 99% slowly decreased, day by day, and today I would say it is more 30% crawl, 70% walk. So, for me, officially "walking" should be when he crossed that 50% mark somewhere between September 18th & October 5th. Therefore, for the record book, I guess I will say, Brock took his first steps at 8 and started walking at 10 months. Final answer.

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