Sunday, December 26, 2010

Food, family, friends, life lessons and presents!

The nice thing about a 2 year old, and a 7 week old for that matter, is that they still have no concept of quantity or quality as relates to Santa's gifts. In fact, Brock really didn't care for whom the gift was addressed, he just liked unwrapping them. Therefore, he opened all our little, family's gifts and left the morning feeling pretty satisfied. (I have begun to refer to Matt, Brock, Curtis as my "little" family, and my siblings and parents as my "big" family, obvious distinction, I think.) Also, children of this age have yet to developed the ability to desire something for more than 10 minutes. It's really easy to shop for someone who doesn't know they even "want" something until they get it. All of this made Christmas shopping pretty low on the stress-causing totem pole this year, thank goodness something was.
Overall, I'd say Christmas this year showed me that I can still be a good mother, wife, friend, hostess, sister, daughter, student, and person even if I let some of my controlling tendencies to the wayside. People still had fun at the Sweater party, despite the kitchen floor not being freshly swept and mopped. They also enjoyed the food despite it being made in the majority by my sister, Annora, or contributed from various sources. Family still enjoyed and appreciated their gifts despite the less than impressive wrapping job (I didn't even buy new paper this year! I am really slipping.) The boys still looked fine for church despite not being bathed immediately prior to the ceremony. And, with all that is on currently my plate, I was [nearly] fine with all these little details gone missing despite my OCD personality. I hope to continue to learn these little, life lessons forever - perhaps by the time I am 85 I will have finally learned how to just relax and say, f#*! it, I am sitting down.

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