Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Record Time

  • 27 minutes: Time it takes to get out of the house with 2 little boys prepared for 11 degree weather with a -7 windchill.
  • 32 minutes: Time is takes to drive from 70th street all the way to 290-sumthin and arrive at the Christmas tree farm.
  • 2 minutes: Time it takes to unload the boys from the car.
  • 4 seconds: Time it takes for Brock to panic because of the -7 windchill.
  • 3 minutes: Least amount of time it takes to get to the first patch of trees.
  • 1 minute (and 4 trees later): Time it takes to pick out a tree.
  • 1 minute: time is takes to cut down the tree.
  • 3 minutes: Time it takes to drag the tree to the isle and get to the indoors.
10 minutes= Total time spent outdoors, with record setting tree sequestering time. Seriously, I'm pretty sure Matt dropped that tree in less than 3 strokes of the saw. I am thinking he missed his calling and needs to get into lumber jacking competitions. Previous to this excursion, Brock had me convinced he was immune to the cold, as he regularly insisted we take walks in the December evenings. This bitter cold was even too much for him to handle. He honestly just panicked. Matt had to carry him to and from the car. Curtis caught a blow of wind to the face, and stayed buried in my chest from that point on...he ended up sleeping for nearly 5 hours. I think he decided it best to avoid experiencing life after that little trip.

Perhaps next year, we will get the tree a bit earlier in the month.

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