Thursday, June 14, 2012


All the way back in 1989, my mother started a group.  I know it was 1989, because she was pregnant with my youngest brother, Timothy. This group played a dice game once a month, on a week night, I believe it has been Wednesdays for these last 23 years.  This dice game is mindless, it is completely left up to chance, and was really just an excuse for a group of 12 women to get together, and drink, gossip and show off their homes and cooking abilities. It was mainly Visitation Grade School moms.  A few mom's of my classmates, a few mom's of my sisters' classmates, and a few mom's who were friends of the mom's with kids in our classes.  Kids were not allowed.  I remember my dad keeping us contained upstairs or in the TV room.  And all I wanted to do was go join in the game. And eat the awesome food.  My sisters and I would inevitably become overpowered by this desire to be part of the event, and "sneak" into the kitchen to nibble on food, and wave to our friend's mothers.

Eventually, by high school or so, we were actually allowed to join in the game if a sub was needed.  The pride, and joy I felt the first time I was asked to sub is a feeling I have not forgotten.  I also have not forgotten that I proceeded to win both Bunkos and Most Wins!  I think at that time it was a $5 or $7 buy in, which means I won close to $50...if my memory serves me correctly, it was $53. The mom's weren't real happy - no one likes it when a sub wins, and they definitely don't like it when the child-sub wins.

I went on to sub multiple other times, and not just when my mom was hosting.  I think they enjoyed my competitive spirit, and could tell I knew what Bunko was all about...or I am just the loser that was always available.  I prefer to believe the former. So, it dawned on me one day, I have a house, I have lots of friend's with houses. I think it's time the next generation carry on the tradition and begin a Bunko League of our own.  So I did.

We have struggled these first 3 months to get 12 players.  Lots of last minute drop outs.  But I am confident people will slowly make this a priority, as they see how fun it is.  And as we all buy houses, complete renovations, and learn to cook as well as our mother's did, we too, will enjoy showing off our goods.  The drinking and the gossiping?  We've got that part down, pat.


Ricee said...

Erin, I'm hosting Bunko tomorrow night!

Lauren said...

So so fun! If I lived in KC, I would totally invite myself to be in your group :) I'm excellent at drinking and gossiping!