Thursday, July 25, 2013

One fourth left for the Fourth.

It seems as though we have made it so far, so fast.  Three fourths of the way through my FOURTH pregnancy. Yet, I know the longest, perhaps, hardest stretch is yet to come.  If weeks 6 through 16 were to battle 30-40, I have no idea who would win.  All I know, is that 6-16 are a distant memory, and I am staring down the throat of 30-40.  So, for me, at least for right now, the latter seems to have the edge.  I feel absolutely no different at this point in my pregnancy, than I did at this time during the 3 prior.  At least it's nice to know what to expect.  I will say that it seems like my uterus is much more "irritable" this go round.  I am constantly having braxton hicks, especially in the evening.  This old, nearly 31 year old body, doesn't seem to be handling the 10-14 hour work days quite as well as in the past.  Or it could be that I then come home to three wild and crazy boys.

Currently, our biggest hurdle is a name.  Girl? No problem. We have an untouched list.  Boy?  Ain't that a doozy.  We like our names to be "real names" as in, not made up.  We like them to be well known, to have existed for a long time, and to be somewhere in the 175-300 range on the Social Security Names website.  I would kind of like an Irish name, as it seems as thought that would be appropriate for our last name, and we have yet to go with one...but I just don't know that I like any Irish names enough.  Seamus?  Darby?  Rory? Conan? or Neils?  Maybe.  We like them to be unique enough that they will likely be the only one in their grade school, perhaps even high school class (sorry, George!)  But not sooo unique that no one has heard of it.  I prefer the name to be easily spelled (which might be why a lot of Irish names are out) and I want to like every nickname.  I like names that are obviously masculine or feminine.  Not that the sex of my children is all that ambiguous, but in the right light, Brock does look awfully "pretty", so had he been named Kelly, there might be some confusion.

I am sure we will decide on a name the week (or day) I deliver, just like we have with the past 2.  And I am sure it will be perfect for him or her.  Just like it has been for the past 3.  And I will eventually get over the fact that Prince William and Kate stole George's thunder.  I will continue to lay at night and watch my belly make alien like movements.  I will continue to try and force Matt to come feel the random body parts poking out of the center of my abdomen.  I will continue to daydream of having a little brown-haired, brown-eyed child that people don't even hesitate to question who it's mother is. I will continue to document too much about my pregnancy, and family.  I will continue to torture myself with the decision to induce a week early (to avoid a 12 pound baby) or to just let 4.O decide when to come on it's own. I have only gained 10 pounds, which means my goal of a 12 pound weight gain is probably unattainable, but perhaps 15 is doable!?  I will switch to Protonix for my indigestion, just as soon as I get a chance to get to the pharmacy.  I will continue to sleep with cold wash clothes on my feet to tame the RLS.  I will increasingly ask Matt to do the little things for me, more, and more frequently to the point that he will nearly be serving me all meals on the couch.  I will begin to wish for the delivery date to be here with every fiber of my being.  Then, before I know it, 4.O will be here!

What a wonderful day that will be.

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