Sunday, July 14, 2013

Staycation Beer Thirty

Baby boy Matt turns thirty tomorrow.  He's FINALLY my age. I thought this milestone deserved a significant celebration.  I had a lot of ideas, one including a trip and overnight stay in Manhattan, KS, another involving a large barbeque with lots of family and friends at our place, another a real family vacation.  None of these came to fruition.  Not even close.  I'm doing good to plan a dinner a week, get to the grocery store, stock diapers, and entertain my 3 children on occasion.  Getting a chance to plan something AWESOME for awesome husband, just fell a little too low on the survival totem pole.

Therefore, I had to choose one thing for Matt.  I had to come up with something, that I know he wants, and loves, and desires that I could also provide for him on short-term notice.  And then it hit me.  Sleep.  So, I booked a hotel, right here in KC.  I got rid of the kids for the night.  And I organized a nice dinner at Cafe Trio, with friends, to fill his belly, before his night in a king bed, so sleep in a dark room, until he naturally woke up, on his own, not from a little, tiny voice or body.  I sent him a telegram (via email) inviting him to these events.  I did, eventually, break the news to him, that I too would be accompanying him throughout the evening.  Judging by the sigh I received after informing him of my presence, perhaps, I should have stayed home, and let him have the king to himself.  Oh well. 

This one night was an oasis in the madness that is our lives right now.  We had a 2 hour, unrushed, excellent dinner.  We sat on a rooftop by the Nelson, in the cool, perfect evening, enjoying company, and beverages (well, not me, obviously.)  We woke up sometime after 9am, we had brunch, and we strolled home.  I feel somewhat recharged.  Like a normal person.  With a happy husband.  And I gladly went home to embrace my sweet baby boys. 

I hope Matt enjoyed his night.  I hope he felt appreciated.  Special.  Loved.  I hope he knows that I think he deserves a night like this every week, if it were possible.  I hope he looks forward to his 30th year of life, with the arrival of his 4th child, a job he enjoys, a humble home, and more people who love him than he could ever need. I gave him the most precious commodity we have right now.  Time. 

Happy 30th!!!!!

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