Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tid Bits

Brock asked to get his eyelashes trimmed, because they are "too long".  Nice problem to have...ugh boys.

As I was sipping my coffee and feeding the baby, Brock says, "Mom, are you giving Mitch coffee milk?"  I guess maybe I am.

Matt received a "pooper scooper" from his parents for his 30th birthday.  Apparently, Brock had suggested this gift, claiming, "it's what he's always wanted."

While on a walk, we were traveling West through a busy intersection. The light was red, so Brock  began waving to all the Eastbound traffic.  He was doing so by slightly waving his cupped hand and riding his too-small tricycle.  Every person smiled/laughed and waved back...every single one.  I'd like to think he made everyone on 71st and Mission at that time, a little bit happier.

Lately, we refer to Curtis as "the ladies man".  This is because he only talks to young (20-30's) attractive females when at the park or on a walk, and always starts the conversation with a "Wha, wha, what's yur name?"  Not a bad pick up line.

When driving home from Shawnee Mission Park (a huge park about 30 minutes away) after the Symphony in the Park event, Brock asked if we were in Kansas City yet?  I asked him where he thought we had come from, and he laughed and said, "St. Louis, Mom!!!!" As if I should have known this, because obviously we were just in the Lou.  Apparently, a 30 minute drive and a 4 hour drive are pretty equivalent in a 4-year-old's mind.

One night, we pulled in the driveway, and an item we had brought home from a garage sale made a load noise as we came to a stop.  Brock asked what it was, completely convinced it was something alive.  Matt insisted it wasn't, and told Brock he would show him, to which Brock began nervously jumping around trying to decide if he should take his father's word.  Eventually, Brock came up with a solution, and informed Matt that he was "fired from the house if something living is in the trunk."  I think Matt secretly wished something was living in the trunk and that he could, in fact, be fired from the household.

George twists an Oreo in half, eats the stuffing, then the cookie.  No one else does this.  It's just how he naturally eats it!

Brock often wants to "cuddle" which I put in quotations because his version of cuddling is like no one else's as he NEVER STOPS MOVING. Today, I asked him if he had "restless legs", so which he nodded and said, "Don't forget itchy ears..." then a moment later "...and itchy toes."  Speaking of which, the other day, I found him crying and whining in the hall about his itchy toes. And suddenly he calls out, "Ugh, I cannot itch my toes because my toenails are in the way!!"

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