Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Is it possible!?

George is quickly becoming quite the antagonist. I see it in his face. That mischievous little smile, saying, are you watching this? Cause its going to make you really mad...

Tonight, after the three boys finished their meals, one by one, they came to join Mitch and I on the couch. George was the last to finish, like always. He does this because he likes to then check out everyone's leftovers and see what he'd like to eat. We don't call him 'the scavenger' or 'our little garbage disposal' for nothing. He came to Curtis' plate and discovered a couple uneaten orange slices. He climbed onto Curtis' chair and held a slice near his mouth, and waited. And waited. And waited. Until Curtis finally glanced his way. As soon as eye contact was made and the reaction by Curtis started, George stuffed the orange slice in his mouth. And smiled, contently. Curtis ran over, upset, hit his little brother, and the interaction ended there. I really thought 22 months would be much too young for this kind of intent. Guess not.

Antagonists Unite!!!

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Saushan said...

Damien does the saaaaaame stuff! Little turds!!!