Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Mitch.

When you pick a name, you try to think of all the nicknames.  The positives and negatives to each name.  And all the different angles.  Turns out you cannot predict these things with accuracy until the child exists, and you can observe their little personalities. You see, the name Mitch seemed relatively safe from nicknames, besides the obvious (replace M with a B).  Well, when that child ends up being huge, and his name begins with an "M" the alliteration never ends.  Monster Mitch. Massive Mitch. Mighty Mitch. Mammoth Mitch. Mega Mitch. Morbidly obese Mitch. Mushy Mischy.  Then others come about: Mitchy-Mitch. Mischy Fran. Mitch Paleese. Mitchapalooza. Stinky winks. I am sure more will evolve, more probably even exist, but this exhausts the list in my head.

Just tonight, I remarked to Matt, that Mitch has the best temperament of any of our babies.  It suddenly occurred to me, he never had a "witching hour". I kept expecting it to happen.  I've been waiting for him to start crying while someone else is holding him, requiring no one else but his mommy to make him happy.  I worried, he doesn't like a paci, how will I calm him down when he's hysterical?  None of this happened.  None of it.  I cannot think of one, single moment where I was frustrated by my Mitch crying.  Before leaving the hospital, we had to watch a video titled "Purple Crying" which basically explained that babies will cry, a lot, so don't shake them.  It gave lots of suggestions on how to deal with the seemingly, endless, purposeless crying for which comforting just did not work.  Never has this video ever been so pointless. 

I can come up with a dozen different hypotheses as to why this might be...not the least of which being that he has 3 older brothers to keep him entertained. He has an extremely confident, comfortable mom and patient, loving dad that have previously been through this 3 times, recently at that.  He is massive, thereby, mostly full and well fed.  He loves to be warm and snugly, which is accomplished easy enough. Mostly, I just think it's Mitch.  He's an extremely content, little {big} fella.  He may not compare to Curtis in his sleeping habits.  Nor to Brock in his powers of observation.  Nor to George in the facial expression department.  But he is in a league of his own when is comes to perfect, sweet, content infant temperament.  He talks, non-stop. Loves a good laugh.  I think his voice is deep.  But, ultimately, I see him being the big, strong, silent type.  He will be a momma's boy.  The one that will take care of me, be concerned about my well-being.  Momma's Mitch. Amazing how truly different 4 little boys can be and come from the same two parents.  A perfect fit.  Simply, My Mitch.

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