Sunday, February 23, 2014

The George.

George talks like a caveman.  Often using only the first syllable of a word.  In this way, I believe he will be like Matt.  Not that Matt doesn't use full words, but he does try to keep his word usage to an absolute minimum.  He likes efficiency, and feels the need only to speak if it's going to be incredibly funny, or perfectly precise.  George always gets his point across, words or not.  Most frequently his mode of communication includes a hilarious, creative and new facial expression.  One afternoon, George sauntered into the TV room to find his entire family watching "Short Circuit" on the television.  I'm not real sure what prompted it, the funny looking robot, the 90's clothing, the obviously American man speaking with a verging on inappropriately stereo-typed Middle-Eastern accent, the poor acting, but the face he made all but actually screamed, "What the f*$#!!??"  Pardon my language, but honestly, there is no other way to describe the confusion/distaste/intrigue that was plastered across my, now officially, two-year-old's face.
He still, insists on using the word, "hone" for drink.  Will. Not. Say. "Drink".  Just won't do it.  Never heard him say that word.  He will attempt a repeat at nearly every word spoken to him, but you say "drink" and repeats back, "hone".  Every time. For a while, this led me to believe he might have a hearing problem, but I have since ruled that out as a cause.  Either he's stubborn.  Or, well, I think he's just stubborn.  He is the first of my children to consistently use the word "ya" instead of "no".  For most 2-year-olds, "no" is a staple in their vocabulary, along with the likes of "mine", "mama", "food" and "ball".  Not George.  George has already figured out that positive reinforcement gets him WAYYYY farther than negative.  This makes me envision him as a future leader of some sort, coach, principal, professor, CEO (close to GEO), king (I know, I know, that doesn't exist in American, but with a name like George Edward, who knows, he might bring back royalty.)

You will frequently find George pant-less these days, as his brother Curtis is in the throws of potty-training, therefore, pant-less all the time as well.  And anything the one does, the other does as well.  The mantra "monkey-see, monkey-do" is repeatedly daily in this home.  We have a step in our bedroom, and Matt, George and Curtis were all standing near it.  Matt decided to take a seat on this step, and without even a moment's hesitation, 2 little boys immediately followed his lead and merrily sat down on the step. Matt, with an adorable little twinkle in his eye and slight grin, looked my way, as if to say "Did you see these two?  So cute. So predictable. I love them."  George also loves to pretend to eat things.  He is constantly eating imaginary food.  Feeding me, his brothers, his dad imaginary food.  Cooking "neener" on his toy kitchen set.  It freaks me out, sometimes I see him from afar, and it looks as though he has found something on the ground and has just picked it up and ate it...but upon exploring his mouth, it's empty.  He will then grin and run away, making a chomping sound.  Don't get me wrong, I have found questionable items in there.  He will eat just about anything. Once. Lotions, leaves, dirt, food from the trash can, the leftovers on each of our plates. My mother in law has suggested I keep a bottle of ipecac for just in case...might not be a bad idea with this one.

Despite his insane appetite and eating habits and huge head start at birth, George remains my littlest child.  He is in the 50th percentile for height and 75th for weight.  I fear that his younger brother, born just 19 months after him, might be his size before we know it.  Also, as far as milestones are concerned, George is my first child to have "stranger anxiety".  He cries when we take him somewhere new.  He's nervous around dogs.  He really prefers that only Matt, or I hold him, even rejecting his own grandparents at times. He warms up eventually, and his companion ZeeZee helps him a lot, but it's very different behavior than his older brothers'.  He continues to love sleep, taking a 2-4 hour nap daily, and struggling to make it to 8pm at night.  He is now sleeping upstairs with Brock and Curtis.  This disrupted no one.  Thankfully, I mean seriously, I cannot thank god, the universe, genetics, my husband, myself, my children, the "chi" of this house, or whatever has contributed to this wonderful sleep phenomenon enough for kids that love bedtime.
On that note, I shall sign off this post, before The George wakes from his afternoon nap.  I would like to wish him, the happiest of Happy Birthdays.  He is two!!!!  The terrible, tornado, tell it like it is, two's.  So much to look forward to, GeoGeo.

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