Sunday, March 2, 2014

Status Update

I hate snow.

Despite the fact that I never bake, I had all the ingredients for banana bread with chocolate chips! {insert photo}

One of those days where zone parenting isn't going to cut it. We need man to man. Who's coming over?

I hate winter.

Does a house of all girls do this? {insert bouncy house photo}

My stomach hurts really bad. I'm fairly certain I'm going to vomit. If I get the stomach flu, one more time this season, I swear I'm leaving for warmer land.

I fucking hate winter.

Easter egg hunt training. {insert photo}

The boys were hiding plastic eggs and then searching for them in the living room, so I took this opportunity to go into the kitchen and make some coffee...I came out and George had found a pencil and colored ALL OVER THE NEW MITCH CHAIR!!!!!!!!! That one might get murdered...

There's a chance Brock spent more time in time out today, than anywhere else. Mostly just for being loud. He's soo loud. Where does he get that!?

No one gets the iPad!!! 

I've never said, "don't hit your brother" so many times in one day.

Brock insists on knowing everything the person on the other side of the phone says. Today, after hanging up with my sister, he says, per usual, "Who was that, mom?" Leah. "What did she say?" That they finished painting their bedroom. "What else did she say?" Nothing, Brock. That's all she said! "Ugh. Why does EVERYONE only say ONE THING!?"

Curtis changed his underwear and/or Pull-Up no less than 12 times today. And used the toilet twice. Does not add up.

That's it. I'm looking for jobs in Hawaii.

After dinner, George comes sauntering into the family room where we are all watching '101 Dalmations'. He begins digging in his tiny shirt pocket. Matt is sure he's stored a piece of pizza from dinner in there, and asks him about it. George simply says "no". Then finally produces a grape. Shows it to Matt. And eats it. Seriously!?

And, like clockwork, it's 8pm and Curtis requested to go to bed. Goodnight.

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