Monday, April 14, 2014

At this exact moment...

...I need to study for boards. Finish 2 patient notes.  Finish application paperwork. Send an email with my vaccinations. Get a TB test. Do the dishes. Do kid laundry. Do house laundry. Do my own laundry. Order diapers. Figure out Easter outfits. Study for boards. Find an ATLS course. Sign up for the pool. Sign kids up for swim lessons. Figure out who is going to watch my kids while my husband is gone. Take a shower. Type, print and hand out a survey. Do a dozen or so resident evaluations. Log procedures. Study for boards. Get a haircut. Get the kid's haircut. Be less stressed. Be nicer. Go to the grocery store. Clean up cat vomit. Defer my loans. Pick up this room. Trade a shift. Fill out my schedule. Finish a research project. Study for boards. Call back patients. Speak to my husband for more than 30 seconds. Drink some water. Drink some wine.

All of this.  Should be done right now.  I shouldn't put it off even one more minute.

But I'm going to bed.

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