Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Side By Side

The Six Month Specs.
            Brock:   27.75in    17lbs 10ozs
            Curtis:   27.50in    18lbs 15ozs
            George: 27.50in    18lbs 4ozs
            Mitch:   27.75in    20lbs 14ozs

Need I say more?  Mitch is huge.  He is finally on the charts, 91st percentile for weight and 95th for height. Mitch is happy. Content.  Loves to play on his own.  He rolls and drags himself around the nursery, going toy to toy, merrily playing.  He gets nervous when around his brothers, rightfully so, and is much more inclined to cry or shriek when one of the three of them get near.  He is a loner.  And a momma's boy. 

I abusively kiss him.  I wish he would cuddle more, but he prefers to fall asleep on his own.  I clench my teeth when I see him.  I cannot help but repeat "you are so cute" no less than 77 times while in his presence.  His pleading eyes as he stands in the Exersaucer, asking me to pick him up.  The way he smiles and buries his head when we lock eyes.  His growling.  I mean, legitimate growling.  He thinks he is a tiger, or a dinosaur, or a monster or something.  All along, Matt and I have felt he had an exceptionally deep voice, the growling is no different. I joke that he has "Giganticism" because of his slow deliberate movements, large size (especially hands) and deep voice.  But this thought was dispelled last night when he suddenly grabbed a handful of refried beans off my plate with lightening-like speed.  His perfectly formed eyebrows.  His gruff giggle, and ticklish ribs, chin, feet, armpits, thighs, belly, I mean, probably even earlobes and eyelids, the kid is ticklish! His quiet, observant nature.  His distractability (which is going to make me quit nursing!)  His toothless grin.  His lack of interest in baby food, and love of Zwieback toast. The way he progresses from shrieking to growling to blowing slobbery raspberries when fighting sleep.  The way his look has not changed, not even a bit, from the day he was born.

This is what I will remember about 6 month old Mitch.  The images I will try to hold on to, forever.  I love him, and look forward to the next 6 months.  Years.  Decades?

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