Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A February Review.

Did I mention that Matt and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary last month? I don't think I did. Which is sad. I find that every February I become increasingly sentimental. Afterall, the month is based around love, seeing as Valentine's Day finds it's home in there. We don't celebrate that holiday, but our anniversary is the 10th, so it kind of feels like we do, sometimes.

This year, it dawned on me, February is OUR month. The number of HUGE milestones our family has been through, good and bad, during the month of February is simply astonishing. I will work backwards:

February 2015: Closed the sale on our very first home. The first home we ever purchased together, and lived in for over 8.5 years (see February 2006). Matt received a well-deserved, and much desired promotion.

February 2014: I wasn't pregnant.

February 2013: I was pregnant.

February 2012: George was born on the 17th.

February 2011: Matt lost his very first job. I didn't match for residency. All around, kind of a crap deal. On the plus side, Matt and I celebrated 10 years of dating!

February 2010: {TMI} Curtis was conceived.

February 2009: We baptized our first child.

February 2008: We celebrated our First wedding Anniversary. And, ahem, we conceived our first child. Sorry, TMI.

February 2007: We got married on the 10th.

February 2006: Matt purchased our first home.

February 2002-2005: Nothing big that I can really think of...4 of these years were my Big Ten Conference Meets, so huge for me, not so much for our relationship.

February 2001: February 8th, we began, officially, dating.

The month just seems to be a big one for us. It has the fewest number of days, but seems to set the tone for our year. Based off of 2015's February, things are going to be AMAZING.

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