Wednesday, May 16, 2007

5th Grade Freelance Poetry


When I go to a friend's house
it's so much fun.
I get away from my brother
who is so dumb.
I have fun with my friends
we play many different games.
Sometimes I spend the night
and we talk about fame.
Being with your friends is fun,
I enjoy it when I can.
You should have fun too,
But not with an old man.
(Just as an FYI, there was the word "stupid" with an arrow pointing to particular lines.)


Pillows can be soft
Some can be hard
All kinds of people use them
Including retards
Some pillows are big
Some are small
You see them on beds
On display at the mall
You put covers on your pillows
You should change them often
As I said pillows are everywhere
There is even one in your coffin

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