Wednesday, May 16, 2007

First, A Question.

Is it the responsibility of the parent or the child to get rid of old things?

I have decided it only makes sense that the parent do it as the child outgrows old toys. Each item has slightly less sentimental value to the parent, therefore, it would be easier to part with the item. As I look through my boxes I get a flood of feelings, images and thoughts with every single item I uncover. Then, I naturally think, "If I throw this out, I will lose this particular set of memories because the only thing that triggered them was this item, and this item only." So, back it goes in the box. Slowly, I may find an item or two that trigger only a minor response, or one that I retrieve regularly on my own; yes, another one for the garage sale box!

You will be happy to know I have reduced my load from the original 11 large rubbermaid bins and cardboard boxes to 10 and 3/4's.

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