Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pathology Club at Bucca and Losers at Trivia

Pathology Club Officers, some old, some new: Liz, Susan, Allison & (If you don't know you shouldn't be reading this blog...)

Here are a couple of photos to commemorate a trivia night like none before...DFL!!! Our team consisted of 2 engineers, a pilot, a med student, a nutritionist, a recent college grad and a realtor (?) and we still could get no questions correct. Though, we definitely should have won a "cleverness" or "random" prize.

I don't know what the other's excuses are (Matt, Luke, Toma, Leah, Tommy and Lara) but I am attributing my lack of trivia knowledge to a food coma. I trekked over to Westport Flea Market straight from eating an entire meal, paid for by the KCUMB Pathology Club, from Bucca de Beppo. If you have been there, you know what I mean, if you haven't, well, then you don't. I would also like to credit my parents for our outstanding loss, because they randomly decided to give us one rule as children; you are not allowed to watch "90210". Yes, that was one of the catagories. The night turned out to be a crazy one...more so for some than others, but a good time, nontheless. (Guess it turns out we need Jon and Beth more than we even know.)

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Helen E said...

Yesssss! Vindication at last!