Saturday, June 28, 2008

A New Found Respect

Golf. I have always been interested in learning how to play this game. I have also been apprehensive because it appears that a huge component to success in this sport is patience. If you know me at all, you know this is absolutely never on my list of attributes, but commonly found in the "needs to work on" department. But after an inspirational weekend of watching Tiger win the US Open (again, never thought I would be able to watch an entire weekend of golf on television, but damn, that man is amazing - he's my new obsession in sports) Matt and I set out to the driving range to give it a go. Gotta tell ya, not nearly as easy as it appears, but every bit as boring. So, as I did with skiing, I say screw learning how, lets just go play a round.

Matt and I went on Friday night to a golf course which allows beginners to play for free on a Par 3, 9 hole course (which means every hole was a par 3, and under 200 yards to the green). Here's where the unbelieveable part comes in...ready?

On my 3rd hole, I teed off and hit the pin! You know, the pole with a flag on it that sits in the hole? That's as close as you get to a hole-in-one without actually getting one. All the people within earshot turned to see who hit that pin, and they all clapped and cheered. Ha! I'm a natural. Matt really couldn't get over it, but it wasn't that bewildering to me, I do consider myself to be an incredible athlete...why wouldn't I dominate golf?

Beginner's luck, I know.

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