Thursday, June 19, 2008

Same Age, Same Interests?

Wish I had video footage of this one. My nephew, Alexander, and boxer, Tali, are nearly the exact same age, seperated by only 2 months. Whenever Xander comes over to visit, they are inseperable. Usually, their interactions consist of Tali following his every move and just staring, but last night, they moved on to a whole new level. Everyone was over for a belated Father's day dinner, and we were all out on the deck later in the evening as it began to get dark (around 9pm!!) Alexander wandered into the darkest corner of the backyard to begin chasing fireflies. Tali followed, as usual, and stared, as usual. Then, it happened, they both spotted a lightening bug at the exact same time. They both ran for it. And just at the last moment, Tali lept ahead of Alexander and chomped down on the bug. Alexander just stood in the yard for a moment in bewilderment, as we all laughed histerically. "How rude, Tali!"

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