Monday, June 2, 2008


So, after minimal effort, Matt and I are expecting. I am currently at 15 weeks. (I hate this photo, thought about cutting off the head and just showing my body, and I had to stage it myself, because Matt is in China. I could have waited for him to come home, but I really wanted to post at 15 weeks, I just like that number, and I'll be 16 by the time he gets back - poor Matt, the baby will be so big the next time he sees it.)
I also waited this long to post, because I made a strict rule that I was not allowed to "think baby" until I successfully completed my first year of school. Though, I have to say, the child made it pretty hard to ignore its presence because I was absolutley ill and tired for 13 weeks. We are talking every symptom in the book! Smell and taste aversions, heat sensitivity, nausea, vomiting, constipation, heartburn, exhaustion, confusion, you name it. If you are still not convinced, I lost almost 10 lbs...I haven't lost weight since the Summer of 2003. That's ok, get out all the bad behavior while you're still contained.

Now, it's open season! I am techniquely due on Thanksgiving, but, judging by my extremely accurate and strong "mother's intuition", I am pretty sure Baby O will be here by the 23rd of November. I already know, in my mind what I would like the nursery to look like, now it's just finding it. I have decided on black baby furniture, in fact, I hope for black and white bedding, cloths, etc, not sure it exists for babies though. Maybe I'll pick up sewing.

Also, lastly, we will not find out what it is, and we don't really know of any names feel free to throw some suggestions out there. As of right now, if anyone asks of name options, the reply is, "Funny you should ask, we were thinking (fill in name of person asking)." It's really quite entertaining when the person actually falls for it and thinks we are possibly naming our child after them.

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