Friday, August 8, 2008

No AC + Hottest Weekend of the Summer = Family Vacation?

Our family vacation took place July 31st - August 3rd at Bunker Hill Ranch & Resort (I mention the exact dates because this also just so happened to be the hottest weekend of the Summer - you know, the weekend when the news reports at least 6 cases of an elderly lady dying in her home because the AC broke - that weekend.) Resort was an understatement! This place came fully loaded with kayak's, canoes, a tree house, a sand volleyball court, ping pong table, shuffleboard, a library, private cabins, insects, a playground, a cave, a mini-old-fashioned schoolhouse, a mess hall and a river. Granted, the cabins had no AC, nor any general air circulation whatsoever. And the volleyball court was not so much filled with sand as it was twigs, stones, thorns and other things that hurt to step on when barefoot. And the shuffleboard court? had a giant crater in the middle causing the discs to fly every which way. And the schoolhouse was locked. And the treehouse taken over by spiders. And the cave...should I even get started on the cave?

So, this cave ended up being a quarter-mile hike, straight downhill. I am talking, we had to use a rope tied to trees to help us down. May not sound bad, but as we all know, "what goes down, must come up". Suffice it to say, taking a 2 year old might not have been the best decision. Especially without a diaper bag...guess caves give you the shits. Something else became very apparent after this excursion in 119 degree heat index weather, my family is really fat and out of shape. The 6 month pregnant lady was one of the first ones up, Matt almost had a heart attack, Timothy found multiple "fat kid stops" along the way (this means a big rock) and well, it was just damn hot.

The highlight of the weekend would have to be the rock skipping. This photo shows Matt's attempt to skip a 70ish pound rock while kayaking. I think it is going to be the new big thing in sports, the ERSA: Extreme Rock Skipping Association.

Overall, quite an interesting weekend. We all survived. Maybe we will try an earlier weekend in the Summer. Or maybe we'll never go back...

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Proud Mama said...

girl, you crack me up. i laugh out loud at your writing....i'll say it again, you missed your calling! :)