Thursday, August 21, 2008

When it Rains, it Pours!

Perhaps my general view of life has become negative for the moment so everything seems bad, or perhaps I am having a stroke of bad luck, who's to tell?

1. Slow leak from the upstairs bathroom plumbing, requiring complete destruction of the shower.

2. Box Spring too big to fit upstairs, requiring complete destruction of the staircase (and also a nail impaled into my heel...probably will eventually become infected.)

3. Poor previous paint job in to-be nursery bedroom, requiring some mudding/more effort than originally planned to paint it.

4. Sister found a lost puppy which has not been claimed for the last 5 days, therefore we (I) am feeding and housing it, only adding to the chaos and destruction of my home. (Will have own post, eventually.)

5. First quiz in Neuroscience did not go as well as expected.

6. Tali killed a baby bunny, which sent me into a fit of anger then sobbing.

7. Tali developed a horrid case of explosive, pure liquid diarrhea, while Matt was in Atlanta. So I came home and had to bathe both her and Tater, and clean out the huge kennel, only making my back pain quadruple to the point where I am not even sure heavy narcotics would help. Oh, and not to mention had to open all windows in the house to get some fresh air in her shit stinks.

8. Matt and I are both coming down with a cold or the flu.

9. I recently had my blood glucose test done to check for gestational diabetes, and it was 9 above the upper limit, therefore I have to do this 3 hour blood test procedure. Seriously, 9 above? Couldn't it have at least been 30 or something so I felt it was more worth my time? No, right now, if it can go wrong, it will.

10. YTBD... (Update 8-26-08) Tali did it again, walked in the front door, and bam! That horrific smell. At least this time Matt was present. Now her hair is falling out, so I have to take time out to take her to the vet on the busiest/most stressful week of my life, to date. Maybe she is sensing how out of whack things are around the house and is having some anxiety issues?

On the plus side, I got a really cute pair of shoes the other day.


Maggie said...

Oh no, I hope your luck turns around! I was also not one to enjoy pregnancy (note from prior blog post) and I can only say that the 3rd trimester you just have to know its not long now. Hard to say though - those were probably the longest 3 months of my life!

We missed you in MA!

leaner345 said...

Oh darling! I hope you can relax! Good work on the shoes!! :)