Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vin Diesel

So, here is the poor little puppy that my sister found in the middle of the street, literally. She was driving over to a friend's house when she spotted the pup taking a nap in the road. She pulled over the car, got the puppy and waited around for a moment to see if anyone came calling. It had a collar, but no tags. And thus it came home to our house. I believe it is a Daschund/Mini-Schnauzer mix (2 dogs I am not real fond of), and it's one of those dogs that is soo ugly, it's adorable. House broken, kennel trained, mellow, loving, smart, all the things you want in a dog...why has no one claimed him? Because of all these wonderful characteristics, my mother has decided to adopt him, unless the owner finally comes knocking.
The name "Puppy" seemed to stick, as he had already learned to come to that calling by the 2nd day of foster care. But when Timothy, my youngest brother, heard that, he said, "What? Hello no. That dog's name is Vin Diesel." Done, and done.
They kind of look alike, do they not?

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