Friday, October 31, 2008

"It's perfect because you ARE pregnant!"

This Halloween proved to be one of those night where by the end of it, you kind of wonder to yourself, "Am I on something, or did all of that really happen?" I really only went out because Matt was soo excited about our costumes, and put in quite a few man hours assembling all the pieces. Hopefully, it is apparent by the photographs, but if not, Matt and I were Juno MacGuff & Paulie Bleeker for Halloween. I must give credit to Maureen and Beth for mentioning the idea, it did not come solely from my genius - but it definitely was the PERFECT costume for the two of us (despite the fact that we are both probably double the size of those 2 actors.) Anyways, if I tried to re-invent the night in writing, it would end up a novel, but let me just say, costumes do strange things. As if people watching isn't fun already, add the perception of an invisibility blanket and we end up with some wild and crazy action.

I was shocked at how many other couples were the same duo! But I was the ONLY actual pregnant Juno. Therefore, everytime the costumes were compared, Matt and I won. You just can't beat it. Another good idea for a couple: Andy and Angela from "The Office". I also saw a few Joker's, "Super So Fun", Mario, 80's prom, lady bug, bumble bee, sailor, marching band member (who could also tap dance very well in spilt beer), the Hamburglar (who literally walked around throwing McDonald's hamburgers to people - and Matt helped himself)...and many more.The conclusion to our rather interesting Halloween celebration, could not have been scripted more perfectly...we found a girl, passed out, in the gutter. That's right, she was lying half in the gutter, half on the curb. Of course, my first thought races to: "Oh my god, it was a hit and run. She's dead." Matt gets out of the car and shakes her telling her she can't be there; no movement. My head: "Holy crap, she really is dead." I get out, and as I get near, she finally wakes up, utterly confused, and tells us she is fine and just walking home. Ha! She is fine!? So, Beth walks with her a few houses while we follow, (because she wouldn't get in the car with 3 helpful strangers, but would pass out in the street in the middle of the night.) We soon realize she is not actually walking home, she has no idea where she is, she is from St. Louis. Anyway, to spare all the boring details of trying to get coherent information from someone willing to sleep in the gutter, I will just say we finally got ahold of her husband who appeard to be out driving around searching for her...someone needs to NEVER drink again.

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Maggie said...

You are HUGE! In a good way though :)

I love the costume, that was a popular one this year, but obviously better when the baby is real! Another cute one for a preggers - a jack-o-lantern, just a orange shirt with the face where the baby is!

Can't wait to hear that baby O has arrived!