Sunday, December 28, 2008

3rd Annual Ugly Sweater Party

Matt and I have hosted a Christmas sweater party every year in our current home, and this year was no different. So, on Brock's 1 month birthday, the long anticipated event took place. Many of our out-of-town friends finally had the opportunity to meet the newest member of the O'Laughlin family, as well as mingle with friends we see only once a year. Many could not believe I would host such a monumental event so soon after bearing a child, but when else can you have a mini high school reunion without the awkwardness? And when else will the chance arise to dazzle my peers with my wonderful appetizers and cookies? (Whitney, Catherine and Maureen may have contributed a bit this year...)And when else can I dress up my little boy in tacky plaid pants, a cigar sweater, loafers and an old man hat? So, forgoing this blessed event was not an option. Merry Christmas!

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