Sunday, December 7, 2008

Never Finished

I fear the nursery will never be totally complete. Do you know, we did not get the crib put together until the Friday before Brock's arrival? Again, with the intuition - we were waiting on replacement parts, and I said screw it, and forced Matt to put it together that night. And the dresser that goes with the set was discontinued before I got a chance to purchase it! Nowhere sells it now. I even called the manufacturer, no luck. Matt and I were shopping for a black dresser or shelf to fill the alotted space the day my water broke. It began as a simple, sage green room without much personality. Brock's room is the former "Dog room". The dogs have moved to the basement - which we are now realizing should have been their home all along, I think it was an upgrade for them.
We then primed it, and Matt began work on the picture/chair rail-type shelf that I insisted upon having, despite the considerable amount of effort it would take to produce. This seemingly simple decor element took lots of shopping and planning and desputing before we finally devised a way to create a professional looking shelf (all my genius as far as the look, Matt just did the work...)

We then moved onto the stripe element. Again, something that seemed so very simple on paper, but turns out to be an absolute bitch. That fact that both Matt and I are perfectionists on certain matters probably makes situations like this considerably more time consuming. First we (Matt) paint the yellow stripe (after 10+ hours of taping straight lines). Then we remove the tape, only to discover some has leaked thru! This is no good. We cannot have orange leaking back onto the yellow! So, I devised a plan to retape, then seal the tape with a layer of yellow, and paint over it. Adding an extra day of painting. Are we beginning to see why this nursery (and the whole house for that matter) may never be finished?
We finally got the orange paint up, and I was freaking out, it looked so dark with the first coat. But somehow it lightened up, and became the room I had always pictured...

And here it the nearly completed project. Just need to find that dresser, and maybe a glider, then I'll be satisfied.

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Kristen said...

Zoe's room is Orange and Yellow too! Love it! Congrats again.