Thursday, April 16, 2009

473 Eggs!?

Is my estimate for the number of colored, plastic eggs Matt has inherited from his uncle. We only used 130 in the hunt this year, filled with a range of prizes from $1 to $200 cash, or an iPod Shuffle to a 2 liter bottle of bubbles. In my opinion, the voice warper wins the best prize award.We had quite a family filled Easter weekend. Friday and Saturday spent with the O'Laughlins, and Sunday split between the Smith's and the Giblin's (mom's side). As always, there was some exciting news, My cousin Katie is due in October with her first baby. And her brother Joe, got married last weekend, in a secret wedding of sorts. By the looks this photo here with "Pops", there is a chance Brock DID get my legs afterall! His ankles are thinning out, his legs are long, and his thighs are rock solid.

1 comment:

Maggie said...

you have some serious loot in your easter egg hunt - how do i get on that action?

brock is looking good as usual, and his legs are looking smithery.