Friday, April 3, 2009

No Turning Back, Now.

I am officially registered to take my first Medical Liscensing Exams. Because I am getting a D.O. degree, it is recommended I take 2 different board exams: the USMLE on May 23rd and the COMLEX on June 2nd. The latter being the one I MUST pass in order to become a physician.

I have 6 weeks to prepare. I keep being told I should be worrying more about these exams, and that I am beginning my preparations too late, but it is not within my nature to freak out about these kinds of things (this early...the night or two before is a different story). So, for the next month and a half, I have sitters lined up everyday for ~8 hours. Wish me luck.


Maggie said...

Good luck! I guess this means I won't have the pleasure of reading many posts on your blog in the next few weeks. bummer!

Study hard, and when it doubt, pick C!


Doherty said...

good luck smitty!!! you'll do great ;)