Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Showers...

...bring May weddings.I have had a recent attitude change toward showers. In the past, I kind of dreaded them. To me, an invitation to shower meant the nuisance of: shopping for a gift, wrapping a gift, finding a babysitter, dressing up, making small talk, and on top of all that, losing a precious weekend day or evening. And though, attending a shower does in fact encompass the aforementioned items, there is no need to look at it in such a negative light. Instead, I can look at it this way: I GET to go shopping. I love shopping, especially when I get to purchase something. And then, after purchasing this $25-$40 gift, I get to go out for an evening of unlimited food, drink, and friends. Rarely, does an evening like that cost less than $40 for a couple. As for the dressing up part? Well, I guess it's probably nice for Matt to have something to finally make me change out of my pajamas; cause it wasn't going to happen, otherwise.

What caused this change in attitude? I am not really sure. Maybe it's the fact that I had the opportunity to attend 2 showers this month. And as per usual, I ended up having a splendid time, and enjoying the company. Not to mention there was great BBQ at one and some really tasty Mexican at the other. So, thank you Andrea & Matt and Pat & Kathleen for being great people and having great people as friends and family. Looking so forward to May.

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Anonymous said...

Hair look nice...did you get it cut?

Shoes are amazing.