Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What's in a name?

It's kind of nice to have the right name to back you up when you ask the preceptor you're rotating with if you can have off St. Patrick's day. I mean, how can you deny someone with the name ERIN O'LAUGHLIN the celebration of the Irish culture? Erin means Ireland for goodness sake! So what if I married into the second half...
We celebrated the holiday in the usual way. Starting at the Lillig's for breakfast and Jameson shots on the half hour. Moved on to Californos for Irish Car Bombs and the 'Westport' experience. Then back to the O's for some killer reubens. Seriously, NEVER had a better reuben than Mimi's. Quite the trifecta.

And let's not forget why else this holiday is so wonderful; GREEN.

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